MY OLD HOME (1943) MY OLD JOB (1954) & MORE   Leave a comment

One day on a facebook page regarding Pelham Parkway I asked how come there weren’t any pictures of where I lived on Bogart Avenue and the next day there was my old home (1) except the huge fir tree in the front yard was gone!

After that I thought I would google Piccolo’s, the restaurant where I learned how to be a professional server in 1955-1960 and there it was (2) looking exactly as it did then though it no longer exists!

Anyone who knows me knows that I love the Broadway musical (NO! NOT THE MOVIE VERSION! UGH!) “A Chorus Line” and have seen it 101 times on stages all over. Many years ago when I met Richard he gave me a copy of the show and now over 30 years later he sent me the latest book about the show (3) which I am reading and loving!

Allen and I went to see “The Illusionists” and had our picture taken (4) and I took Rafa’s picture (5) and wrote a blog about how he became a STAR that night!

On Tuesday I went to The Gateway Theatre to see “The Birth Of A Nation”. One of the things I love about the theatre is the comment board they have where people will tell you how they felt about the movie they just saw and the board (7 & 8) for “Nation” was full of raves.

Friday, after going to see “The Accountant” I was really in the mood for a cheeseburger so we went right down the street where there is a Burger-Fi (9 & 10) and I paid $11+ for a cheeseburger, fries and soda!

On Thursday we went for lunch at my latest favorite restaurant, Cabo Blanco, where I am working my way through the lunch specials and this was number thirty-two  ((11) which was a delicious fillet of fish in a garlic sauce with a side of rice—only have about 26 more to go!

Whenever we go to the Regal Theatre we stop at Sweet Tomatoes (12) and before we go to Miami to the theatre, in this case to see “The Illusionists”, we stop at The Quarterdeck and have Jambalaya. Walking in I saw this sign (13) and had to send it to rivergirl in Maine!

It is rainy season and though we dodged the bullet with Hurricane Matthew we are getting some days with rain but it doesn’t last long and the birds (14, 15 & 16) always come out and the plants look a little taller.

And what would be a weekly post without a selfie, or two, of me?!? (17)


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