Walking into “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back”, starring Tom Cruise, you should know what to expect and that’s what you get with a little more humor than usual. Of course, as with any action film, you have to check the logical part of your brain outside the auditorium.

Come on, it is great, it is fun, seeing Cruise, at the age of 54, fighting 5-6 guys without losing any energy or breathing hard. He wrestles a guy, they fall off a building and he gets punched, kicked in the stomach, legs, in the head and still get up and demolish the other guy!

Does it make a difference what the story is? You know it is about some big organization and the mean CEO and the good guys/gals going after them and you don’t even have to be told who will win.

A bit of a difference here is that he partners with Major Susan Turner (Cobie Smulders) who keeps up with him running—and there is a lot of running—and fighting the enemy. Another female in the movie is teenager Samantha (Danilka Yarosh), who could or could not be Reacher’s daughter, who brings some humor and smarts as only a teenager can.

Yes there is one fight too many and each is a bit long while we have the action movie mandatory car chases and let’s not forget the hissable villain here played by Patrick Heusinger.

All the heroes, heroines and villains do their job well in the movie and Cruise, though no longer with a 6 pack stomach, but has a shirtless scene, has nothing to be ashamed of and when he threatens to break a man’s arms, legs and neck he does just that, in that order, as easy as he jumps off another building.

“Jack Reacher: Never Go Back” is a fun movie, a movie that we use to run to as kids on a Saturday afternoon and practice the star’s moves on the walk home. Go ahead and relive your childhood or have a second one at a movie house near you. And don’t forget to get a bag of popcorn!

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Posted October 21, 2016 by greatmartin in ENTERTAINMENT, MOVIE REVIEW, Uncategorized

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