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I have never worked as hard as I have since I’ve been retired!! Any time I hear someone saying they are bored being retired I want to slap them! I don’t know how I worked and got all this done.

On Thursday I went to meet and talk to a new primary doctor and my immediate reaction was that it didn’t feel comfortable but I will give it a couple of more meetings before I make any decisions. Allen picked me up there and we went to the Cabo Blanco restaurant where I am working my way through their 32 luncheon specials in no particular order. I had #31, Pescado A La Chorrillana, fresh fish fried topped with fresh sautéed onions and tomatoes and a side of rice. It was good!

Since I am talking about food we eat everywhere and anything as, for instance, after seeing “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back” on Friday we went to Arby’s afterwards having their 2-4-$10 meals plus a 3-4-$5 roast beef sandwiches. The next day, (okay, the picture is too dark so you may not see so I am helping you out here!) before going to the theatre we went to Rok:Burger, a gourmet burger restaurant with gourmet prices—come on for 2 burgers with fries, 2 diet cokes one vanilla ice cream plus tax and tip the check came to $50. I still can’t get use to $13, $15 burgers!!

Talking about theatre the first two pictures show the set for “the Hunchback of Notre Dame” and the cast taking their bows at the end.

 The rest of the pictures were taken walking from the restaurant to the Broward Center for the Performing Arts including the old but magnificent tree and the yacht Allen is going to buy—someday. The big chair is something new on the walk and no way was I going to climb up there! All around the Center are Birds of Paradise plants which are my favorite flower plus there were two weddings going on. The next to last picture I took from the top of the hill—yes, we have hills in Fort Lauderdale! Okay they may be man mad but it is a hill.

From the hill, though I couldn’t get a good focus, the 2 bottom pictures, one on the right and one on the left, are a family of ducks with the one on the left including dad who is far behind. There were about 8 chicks and not a one would leave the mother’s side.

The theatre, the doctor, the movies, restaurants, walking through the Riverwalk Park—retired life is tough but I am doing my best to keep up! 



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