(Mold/cast made for new finger!)

I am sitting here minding my own business and I get a call from The Hanger Clinic who are making my prosthetic finger–for a second I thought they might be calling to tell me my finger came in but oh no!

Tiffany was on the other end and she told me the insurance company denied my claim even though they did okay it Oct 4 and I went for measurements.

I won’t get into the HOURS of calls to the insurance company but the bottom line is they didn’t deny the claim but they need my medical records–easier said than done as I just changed my primary doctor and now we have to track down the records–does the old primary have them or did they send them to the new primary or are they ‘lost’? Do I have to get the records from the finger surgeon? ARGH!!!!

Today will be more hours (it is ALWAYS hours!) on the phone calling the insurance company and trying to get hold of my insurance case worker, calling the old and new primaries AGAIN, etc., etc.

Or if you want to give me $5,334 I’ll be able to skip the insurance and just pay for the finger!

Hopefully the insurance will okay the claim and it won’t hold up my getting it.



A few of you know that I didn’t have the Internet last weekend  and between Friday evening and Saturday afternoon I spent close to 5 hours on the phone.

For those who don’t know, AT&T, through the government, offers a $12 credit for a landline phone if you are eligible (in other words poor!)–now they are offering the Internet for $5-$10 a month (plus taxes) and I applied and received a letter yesterday saying that I was eligible and all I had to do was call 855-220-5211 to finish the ordering process so I did.

Spoke to someone very nice who explained that with this new deal instead of 1.5 MB I would be getting 12 MB–didn’t have the slightest idea what she was talking about–and that it was a good deal.  We finished the call with her telling me I would get my first bill charging me $10+ taxes November and that I would get a credit for October. We hung up and I went to go on the Internet–COULDN’T GET ON THE INTERNET!!! I won’t get into all the hours on the phone (YEP! It is ALWAYS hours) and will just cut to the chase–a technician came over at 6 PM–I explained what happened and he said he knew exactly what the problem was and 5 minutes later I was on the Internet.

I won’t say I understand the whole thing but the 12 MB was too much for the wires and box handling Internet so going from a speed of 1.5 MB to 12 MB caused it to go down. I didn’t know but I have been ‘working’ with 1.5 all along and it was never a problem–I really didn’t find it to be slow–well, not THAT slow! :O) As it is because I can’t use the 12 MB I will only be PAYING $5 A MONTH PLUS TAXES for full service Internet. I do not see any difference in speed between paying $40 and paying $5!!

So anyone that goes for the $5 (and who wouldn’t if you were eligible??) deal just remember when you finalize it to be sure to mention staying at the 1.5 MB rate. I do understand some States don’t have it yet while others have different rates—be sure to check if you are eligible and what the rates are. Also check the MB and how high you can go without knocking yourself off the Internet.

Looks like the AT&T deal will save me $40 which is more than my cell phone costs a month!!

You can Thank me later!


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