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It’s no secret that I will eat most any foods with the exception of Oyster Plant and I love discovering new foods or old standards prepared differently.

A really big discovery this month was the bottle of Southern Raspberry Mix I found last month. It has zero calories and fat and carbs but fantastic taste. I used it on salads, cooked veggies also cooked chicken with it in the Crockpot.

Then there was Fat Bastard Critical Mass Port and Chocolate steak sauce that added some zip to a steak I broiled.

Along with the above two I also found a bottle of Sweet Garlic juice that I used making some ribs.

I am hoping someday I will find any tofu that’s adds to or helps any dish!

I am a fairly newcomer to Quinoa but have come to really like it and prefer it to rice in many dishes. I found a jar of Quinoa with dried mushrooms and assorted herbs and cooked the whole jar for dinner one evening plus a salad and it was a great meal.

One of the things I am always looking for are low calorie and low sodium snacks but it seems I can find those that are low in calories OR salt but not both so lately I have been eating Snyder’s of Hanover salt free mini pretzels which are doing the trick but I need something else for variety.

I love food—and eating it—in case you didn’t know!! LOL



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