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Saying Chocolate chip banana bread, cornbread with blueberries, a coconut chocolate nest with jelly beans in the same breath as Ciboulette (French for chives) or sprouted watermelon seeds certainly makes for odd foods and I’ve tried them all!! Along with organic canned tomatoes, meatless burgers not to forget asiago cheese crisps, flakes and clusters, carnitas cooking sauce and batch chili cooking sauce sort of makes for strange eating habits which I certainly have so , consequently, every once in awhile I eat so-called normal food like pizza and garlic rolls. What do you mean they aren’t normal foods?

I may take a chicken breast and one night make it in the chili cooking sauce or the next coat it in Ciboulette and sauté it. How about dipping it in Asiago cheese crisps and then baking it?  There are so many variations that can be made with ‘odd’ foods but that’s how new menu items become the ‘in’ thing!  Potato skins, anyone? Bacon in an ice cream sundae?

I probably won’t eat most of the odd foods I try now and then but how can you say no to a ‘coconut chocolate nest with jelly beans’?


Posted November 9, 2016 by greatmartin in FOOD, Uncategorized

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