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I don’t remember the last time I enjoyed one hour and forty-three minutes, including opening and closing credits, as I did this afternoon watching “Moana” (pronounced Mo-anha). I laughed out loud 2-3 times, which is pretty rare for me seeing a movie, and had a big smile on my face for at least 1 hour and 30 minutes while in the remaining time tears!

There is so much to talk about while reviewing this film not least of all is the imaginative animation from the colors used, the many different characters, the variations of the sea btu most of all the expressions of each of the characters whether talking or not.

Dwayne Johnson, just voted the sexiest man alive, the highest paid actor in the movies and the star of the successful HBO series “Ballers” plays Maui and the drawing of his character, with animated tattoos all over his body, is fun in itself. Auli’i Cravalho debuts as Moana has a beautiful voice and plays the princess, though she insists she is not a princess as if that is a wrong thing to be. The banter, written by the screenwriter, Jared Bush, is not only fun but smart. Along with the two co-stars there is grandmother everyone would love to have voiced by Rachel House, the dumbest rooster you will ever see on the screen voiced by Alan Tudyk, Temuera Morrison as Moana’s father, JemaineClement as a crab that has one of the many excellent songs, Nicole Scherzingeras Moana’s mother, who is drawn too young looking more like her sister and my favorite, lovable creature, Puanani Cravalho as the pig!

The songs are infectious, strong and one or two might show up as an Oscar nomination. They were written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, of “Hamilton” fame, Mark Mancina and Samoan Opetaia Tavita Foa’i.

The drawings and the animation of the characters are mind boggling as are the scenes on the ocean and islands.

Treat yourself, and take a kid along if you would be too embarrassed going into seeing a ‘cartoon’ . Animated films of today are not like your parents or even you knew and these are also by Disney with a little/lot of help from Pixar!

“Moana” is a delightful film that should seen by adults and kids of all ages!





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