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Richard Loving loved his wife Mildred and she loved him but never once in the movie “Loving” do they say “I love you,” in words. The way they look at each other, touch each other, lean on each other, interact with each other shows those three words more than saying it would. At one point Richard tells a lawyer that he should tell the Supreme Court that he loves her and in a scene that will have you holding your breath not by what is said but how Mildred looks at Richard after she hears the decision tells you more than heavy love making or sex scenes could.

Based on a true story the only thing ‘Hollywood’ about “Loving” is that Loving is the real name of the White man and Black woman who drive to Washington D. C. to get married as at that time it was illegal to marry a person of a different race to wed in Virginia. After returning to Virginia their bedroom is invaded by the Sherriff and they are arrested and jailed this being the only jarring scene in this movie.

Jeff Nichols, director and writer of the screenplay, tells the story in a very low key of the couple’s right to marry, live together, and raise their children together. After writing a letter to Robert Kennedy the case is taken by the ACLU to the Supreme Court.  There are no dramatic court scenes with just a brief voiceover telling the final decision declaring marriage an inherent right. 

The sheriff could have been shown in a very sinister light but he is the law of the State until it is changed. While the intermingling of Whites and Blacks is mostly underplayed, with the positive and negative aspects shown as accepted way of life neither side is ‘right’. One scene, in a local bar, could have been explosive but stops short just as showing Black and White men’s enjoying a day of drag racing is just that, friends enjoying their day off.

The only ‘Hollywood’ aspect of the film is that the name of the couple are Loving but that was the case and couldn’t be improved upon just as the performances of Joel Edgerton as Richard and Ruth Negga as Mildred couldn’t have been Improved upon.  Richard is a silent man who just wants to provide for the wife and kids he loves, doesn’t even want to get involved with the Supreme Court case or the attention it draws to him. He wants to do his job being a bricklayer and tinker with the cars for the drag races. Mildred wants to care for her husband, children, make a comfortable home for them without interference from anyone. Both actors express so much with saying so little.

With Marton Scokas as the Sheriff, Nick Kroll and Jon Bass as the ACLU lawyers plus an ensemble of excellent actors, playing family members and friends, director Jeff Nichols has no need for histrionics to bring attention to them.

As the screenwriter, Nichols steers clear of clichés and concentrates on the love aspect of the couple instead of theatrics of the lawyers. What he gives us is a moving story, a story that will bring a tear or two to your eyes while bringing an important law case to many that would change lives and lead to ‘declaring marriage an inherent right’ and making Gay marriage possible.

“Loving” is definitely one of the best movies I have seen this year.


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“KING COBRA”–A FILM REVIEW   Leave a comment

I am a big supporter of gay themed films and The Gateway Theatre that over the years have played many of them. I was happy when “Philadelphia” with Tom Hanks became a ‘cross-over’ film and though I didn’t like “Brokeback Mountain” I cheered when crowds filled the theatres to see it. Other movies like “Milk”, “A Single Man”, “Maurice”, “In & Out”, “Boys Don’t Cry”, just to name a few, were box office hits portraying real, believable, gay people that attracted all demographics to see them. This month “Moonlight” about a Black kid/teenager/man is seeing many people who ordinarily wouldn’t come to see a ‘Black’ and/or “Gay’ themed film.

This is a roundabout way for a review of “King Cobra” and a hope that it doesn’t become a crossover film—it wasn’t at the performance I attended. Supposedly based on a true story about a competition in the porn industry between 2 DOM (dirty old men for those who don’t know) and the twinkies they pursue. There is a lot of gratuitous nude butt shots and is basically soft core porn though tame compared what you can see on cable TV on Showtime/HBO, etc. And no frontal nudity in a film about porn?!?!

Why is James Franco famous? I had to look up his credits to see where I might know him from and I think I saw him in Spiderman but I wouldn’t bet on it.  Luckily Christian Slater had a dynamite role in the new TV series “Mr. Robot” and has done a few good film roles before this because I have no idea why he made this film unless he needs money for one of his kid’s college education! What the heck are Alicia Silverstone and Molly Ringwald doing in these throw away roles?  Is it punishment for something? The less said about the younger actors the better and hopefully they will get out of the film business—porn or otherwise!

Skip “King Cobra” and if you have gay friends tell them not to see it. Maybe The Gateway Theatre can get a good gay themed film soon and if anyone wants to see an excellent film about the porn industry rent “Boggie Nights” from 1997 which got Oscar nods for Julianne Moore and Burt Reynolds and shows Mark Wahlberg who knew how to play a twinkie porn star!


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“MOONLIGHT”–A MOVIE REVIEW   Leave a comment


Once again I think I fell for the hype and found myself disappointed in a movie when I actually saw it. “Moonlight” is not your ordinary movie in that it tackles the subject of a Gay, Black 9 year old kid/teenager/adult as he goes through discovering who he is. It is not a ‘Gay’ and/or ‘Black’movie meant only for a minority as it gets into the many feelings all human beings go through.

Chiron (Alex Hibbart as the 9 year old, Ashton Sanders, the teenager and Trevante Rhodes as the adult) goes from being an alienated, bullied boy to a muscled drug dealer who nobody fools with and in a way has followed the path of his mentor and surrogate father, Juan (Mahershala Ali), who taught the kid how to swim and discover himself.

We also meet his friend Kevin (played at the three same stages as Chiron by Jadin Piner, Jharrel Jerome and Andre Holland), his mother (Naomie Harris) and Juan’s girlfriend (Janelle Monae) who offers Chiron a place to stay whenever he needs one.

Chiron, as many gay kids, of any color, becomes a loner, is beaten up by schoolmates and accepts whatever kindness he receives. It was interesting following his path and where it goes. The scene in the diner is a love story unto itself though nothing is said about love except for a record playing on the jukebox.

The film failed me in that certain sections the jargon, vernacular, made it difficult for me to hear what was being said though I understood what was being done just as I didn’t quite understand the relationship between Juan and Chiron and how it became about and took the turn it did. Also a few very interesting characters just disappear from the film. I wasn’t aware the N word was used so much between Blacks as it is here at a certain level.

All 3 actors playing Chiron are outstanding as is the oldest Kevin. The arch of Chiron’s life holds your interest though at times moves too slowly. Ali’s Juan is an imposing figure and the two women, Harris and Monae, especially the former are strong in their portrayals.

The direction and screenplay by Barry Jenkins, based on his life, tackles a rarely told story in the movies but it is also about loneliness and trying to answer the question “Who am I?”  Some scenes are held too long, others don’t finish the thoughts being expressed. There are two powerful scenes I don’t think I will forget though they may go over the heads of others.

I do recommend “Moonlight” but don’t go in with high expectations as I did and approach it as going to see a good film with a new story.


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No matter how it ended I have always been proud that I was and am a United States Marine.

My whole life when I have wanted to escape from certain situations in my life I went to the movies. This week three movies are opening as if to answer my need to escape so off I go on a movie binge.

Today at 1 PM I will be going to see “Moonlight” then

will go to lunch and after return to the Gateway Theatre to see “King Cobra”

and sometime between now and Tuesday I will go to see “Loving”

Watch for my reviews!

And last but not least anyone interested in theatre—a must see!

Tonight (Friday) on PBS 9 PM (EST–Check local TV listings) a very highly rated London production of “Gypsy”–often referred to the Hamlet for musical comedy actresses–

Gypsy the Musical London starring Imelda Staunton

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ODD FOODS PART 3   Leave a comment


Saying Chocolate chip banana bread, cornbread with blueberries, a coconut chocolate nest with jelly beans in the same breath as Ciboulette (French for chives) or sprouted watermelon seeds certainly makes for odd foods and I’ve tried them all!! Along with organic canned tomatoes, meatless burgers not to forget asiago cheese crisps, flakes and clusters, carnitas cooking sauce and batch chili cooking sauce sort of makes for strange eating habits which I certainly have so , consequently, every once in awhile I eat so-called normal food like pizza and garlic rolls. What do you mean they aren’t normal foods?

I may take a chicken breast and one night make it in the chili cooking sauce or the next coat it in Ciboulette and sauté it. How about dipping it in Asiago cheese crisps and then baking it?  There are so many variations that can be made with ‘odd’ foods but that’s how new menu items become the ‘in’ thing!  Potato skins, anyone? Bacon in an ice cream sundae?

I probably won’t eat most of the odd foods I try now and then but how can you say no to a ‘coconut chocolate nest with jelly beans’?

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ODD FOODS PART 2   Leave a comment


It’s no secret that I will eat most any foods with the exception of Oyster Plant and I love discovering new foods or old standards prepared differently.

A really big discovery this month was the bottle of Southern Raspberry Mix I found last month. It has zero calories and fat and carbs but fantastic taste. I used it on salads, cooked veggies also cooked chicken with it in the Crockpot.

Then there was Fat Bastard Critical Mass Port and Chocolate steak sauce that added some zip to a steak I broiled.

Along with the above two I also found a bottle of Sweet Garlic juice that I used making some ribs.

I am hoping someday I will find any tofu that’s adds to or helps any dish!

I am a fairly newcomer to Quinoa but have come to really like it and prefer it to rice in many dishes. I found a jar of Quinoa with dried mushrooms and assorted herbs and cooked the whole jar for dinner one evening plus a salad and it was a great meal.

One of the things I am always looking for are low calorie and low sodium snacks but it seems I can find those that are low in calories OR salt but not both so lately I have been eating Snyder’s of Hanover salt free mini pretzels which are doing the trick but I need something else for variety.

I love food—and eating it—in case you didn’t know!! LOL


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We were going to Kelvins 3200 on Oakland Park for lunch only to get there and find it closed which wasn’t surprising as my one and only experience there was pretty bad.  Being in a Southern food state of mind, and having a groupon, we came here.
For $5 (Normally $10.55) I got a Beef Sandwich with a side of baked beans and a side of steak fries plus a diet cola while Allen, for the same price, got a Pork Sandwich with cole slaw, steak fries and diet cola.
There had been too much gravy on the sandwich making the bottom part of the bun soggy so I decided to just eat the meat which turned out to be burnt and large chunks were hard in too many places. The beans were run of the meal without any particular taste while the fries were big and hot.
Having passed this place many times I am glad I had a chance to try it but wouldn’t go back again even with a groupon.
For bar-b-q I’ll stick with Tom Jenkins on south Federal by Davie Boulevard.

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