WELCOME TO MY WORLD–NOVEMBER 2016   Leave a comment

At the end of every month I look back at what I did and I always come to the conclusion that I am the luckiest, happiest guy around. Sure I don’t have monetary wealth and I can’t afford a car but I have a roof—a very nice roof—over my head, food in my belly and clothes on my back. Oh did I forget to mention friends, people who care for and about me? Everything else is a bonus!!

Just a few comments on the video ahead so enjoy.

  1. Allen got a new car and after the two Caddies this Chevrolet is so much roomier and better. I had the car for the last week of November when he went away and knowing that I made a list of things to do/buy/get (See #5) and did it all before he got back.

2) I am still working my way through the Cabo Blanco’s lunch specials—pictured are the Fried rice lunch specials with one having chicken and the other steak. Also went to Arby’s and tried their new ‘fajitas’ plus Boston Market and a new ice cream place called Chillin Nitrogen which I’ll post a review about.

3) I saw 9 movies and absolutely loved “Moana” followed by “Loving” and “Moonlight”.

4)  Had 3 attacks of gout—OUCH!—and having the car I was able to run out and get concentrate tart cherry juice which definitely helps.

5) Got new pillows which are another subject I’ll be posting about.

6) Treated myself and had David from Red Star cleaning come over and do my place.

7) And, of course, there is always Mother Nature! Can you spot the bluejay in the center of the tree in the first shot? Horses in the park, egrets on the lawns are just of the few delights she brings us all the time.

8) The past popped up in a few web pages from Piccolo’s where I worked on Miami Beach in 1956 and a few years before that my graduation picture.

9) Sadly once again I lost someone. Charlie Cinnamon , a very much admired press agent but also a first class act!

10) Ended the month with a visit to my new primary and the new medical center I am dealing with. Not quite comfortable with either yet.

11) Last, but certainly not least, part of my November ritual—the semi-annual crewcut!





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