Any year that I celebrate a Leap Year birthday is a better than average year and 2016, with a few ‘minor’ happenings was just that so here are some of the ‘highlights’ and  a few mishaps.

January: Spent most of the month getting ready for my Leap Year dinner party. I ordered M & Ms and pens with my name and the date as mementos for my guests. I ordered a cake with 2 layers of chocolate and 1 of carrot cake. I also got the guest list and invitations ready.

February: It was all about Leap Year. It was also the first time I used uber courtesy of Glenn, Mary and Pat.

March: On March 17th, leaving the Chef’s Palate restaurant, my finger got caught in Allen’s car window—still waiting for the insurance company to approve prosthetic 1/3rd of right ring finger.

April: On the first the hand surgeon removed the ‘dead’ part of the finger. Allen went to France and I had his car.

May: I joined the 21st century and got a cell phone so I could use the uber app—have only used it three times so far. On the 25th I got bought a new recliner, from one of my neighbors, which I spend a major part of my time in when I am home. On the 26th Allen got a new red Cadillac.

June: On the 4th Philippe, who was in from France, took us to the 15th Street Fisherman’s restaurant to celebrate his birthday. On the 11th I took Allen to the Bistro Mezzaluna restaurant for his birthday, a new, excellent, one of the best restaurants we went to in 2016. On the 15th Anthony and I went to see the “Beauty and The Beast” touring company at the Broward Performing Arts center. I had Allen’s car as he was visiting his daughter and grandkids up north.

July: 2nd I fell on my life knee—didn’t break it but was sore, swollen and hurt for a long time. On the 5th I finally finished the 2 collages I made using my Leap Year birthday mementos. On the 25th for the first time I could ever remember I got sick eating, from pizza at the Pizza Fusion restaurant.

August: On the 3rd we went to the Cabo Blanco restaurant for the first time and one of the best finds ever! I am still working my way through their 32 lunch specials! N the 15th  Allen went to London and I had his car for a month.

September: On the 15th I changed my cell phone for a new one at Metro Pc and on the 22nd got new glasses which by the way is right next door to Cabo Blanco!

October: On the 4th I had my finger ‘molded’ for the prosthetic after the swelling finally went down and am still waiting for insurance approval. On the 6th Hurricane threatened but missed Fort Lauderdale and we made it through the 12th year without being hit by one. On the 29th Allen traded in his Caddie for a Chevrolet, a big improvement!

November: On the 2nd I got my second annual crew cut. On the 5th the wonderful Charlie Cinnamon died and on the 8th Trump won the presidential election. On the 22ndAllen went to California for 10 days and I got the new car!

December:  A lot of holiday going on plus decided to return to my previous primary doctor and got that in motion. I made 7 phone calls to various companies and people spending 3 hours on the phone regarding my prosthetic finger without getting anything resolved. Philippe visited from France. On the 23rd I fell on the steps of the movie house we went to in Pompano and I still haven’t learned to slow down and watch where I am going and doing! I landed on my side and only got a black and blue mark on my upper thigh. On the 27th we went to see “An American In Paris”, the touring company of the Broadway adaptation of the movie musical and the lead, Garen Scribner, was a spellbinding dancer and entertainer!

This is only a few things that happened in 2016 and I will be writing about the over 60 movies, 20 shows and 48 restaurants we went to and, oh, yes, a final salute to February 29, 2016, before I start getting ready for 2020!

(I ‘forgot’ this one–happened in movie theatre Dec 23–it got more black and blue each day for a week! Let’s see you forget this one!)

My 2016 in pictures



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