People rate movies in all different ways from using stars or numbers or even thumbs—I use words!

Lowest rating is ‘bad’ going up to boring, blah, so-so, okay, not bad, good, excellent and the highest rating, MUST SEE which means I want to see it again.

I believe movies should be seen on a movie screen 45-50 feet not 60 inches! DVD and TV should only be used if you missed it in theatres or have seen it once and want to see it again!

I saw a minimum of 52 movies in 2016 plus I went on Tuesdays every now and then so let us say 60. The following are my choices of WORST in 2016, in no particular order are:

“The Lobster” & “King Cobra” probably the worst, “Anomalisa”, “Arrival” (which is on most best liked lists LOL), “Mr. Right”, “Rogue One: Star Wars”, “The Nice Guys” and “The Brand New Testament”

The BEST 2016 films, again in no particular order except the first is THE best:

“Moana”—yes an animated film! –“Viva”, “Moonlight”, “Loving”, “Fences”,  “Hell or High Water”, “Southside With You”, “Aquarius”, “Sully” and “Mama”.

The BEST 2016 performances: Viola Davis in “Fences” gives the best screen performance since Charlize Theron in “Monster”—the rest: Viggo Mortenon “Captain Fantastic”, Tika Sumpter (“Southside With You”),  Ruth Negga and Joel Edgerton (“Loving”), Andre Holland, Mahershala Ali (“Moonlighting”), Penelope Cruz (“Mama”), Tom Hanks (“Sully”), Jeff Bridges (Hell and High Water”), Sonia Braga (“Aquarius”) and Denzel Washington (“Fences”).

Worst performance in a 2016 movie—Brad Pitt in “Allied”

There are still a few movies and performances of 2016 that haven’t played in this area yet.

Some of the 60+ movies I saw in 2016

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