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Unlike the old cliché as a Gay man I am not good at decorating where I live. I just put things here and there more on convenience than color, setting, etc. I live in an apartment where in the living/dining room I have 6 large windows. I never put drapes/curtains on the windows and the blinds are always up. Due to the way my apartment is set up I don’t have to worry about privacy and if I wanted to I could be nude the whole time (but I don’t want to shock the birds, squirrels and/or the pilots in the helicopters).

In any case at one time I had birds and because of the  cages I had the room set up one way and after I had to give them away I set it up differently and started hanging pictures on the walls and putting plants all around. I did have some sort of theme with the pictures but I didn’t hang them in any particular order plus I know two people reading this who want to straighten out all the frames!!!

You may also notice the couch has been against almost every wall in the apartment! LOL

I moved into this apartment in 2004—after never living in a place more than 5-6 years—and these pictures represent the past 6 years. The first 3 (starting in the upper left hand corner and going clockwise) were taken in 2010, 4 in 2013, 5 & 6 2015 and the last 6 were taken this week.

As long as I get all the light available, can look out at Mother Nature and get sun for the 28 plants I now have in the place all is good—until I move things around again. 

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