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Yes I love eating out and will any chance I get but then again I really can’t afford that more than 2-3 times a week so I have to fall back on cooking foods at home the rest of the time.

At home I do ‘try’ to stay away from too much processed foods so I cook basics using various spices.

The microwave sliced apples are a cinch to make. I core them (with the dollar corer I got at the $ Tree!) first, slice them up put them in a micro safe dish, put some vanilla extract over them and sprinkle a few packets of Sweet ‘N Low over them. I nuke them for 6 minutes.

For the cheeseburgers I use the Foreman grill mixing some cheese in the meat. I like them rare so it doesn’t take very long to cook them and I then cut the thick burger down the middle. I toast the bread, use 2 different condiments, one on each, plus thick slices of tomato and onion, sit down and have a feast.

Fish soup is a quick and easy dish to make and I really do it the easy way by NOT chopping fresh vegetables but get a bag of frozen mixed veggies. I put them on the bottom of the dish and, sometimes, top them with salsa, other times with various spices. I buy a 4-8 ounce package of various frozen fishes which I defrost and layer on top of the veggies. I will add 2 cups of unsalted broth and nuke the whole thing for 6-8 minutes. There are so many variations between fish, veggies, spices, toppings, etc.

I’ve already given the recipe for the crockpot turkey—just check my end of November posts.

I will once in awhile go fancy making Shrimp Scampi or pasta al fredo from my old chef days. I have covered the stove burners and taped the oven switch so between the Foreman grill, toaster, microwave oven and crockpot I’ve done some improvising using food items you wouldn’t even think of and got some great dinners!

Oh yes, always a salad with dinner—a big salad—someday I’ll tell you all the variations I use making salads.


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