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MY FIRST HEALTH REPORT FOR 2017   Leave a comment


(January 2, 2017)

On January 5th I went to my primary doctor’s office to get a bunch of lab  work done and then on January 11thwent to the doctor to sit down and go over it plus ask a few questions.

Basically the report was good with a few ‘minor’ glitches such as my sugar was a little high—hey, this was just after the Hanukkah/Christmas/New Year’s holiday—and though the cholesterol numbers were on the high side (179) they were within the okay range (100-199). She did change the cholesterol medicine I had been taking. The only thing she was a bit concerned about was the kidney result which was 5.650, above the 4.500 high numbers so she adjusted my lisinopril dosage. My INR (blood thinner) levels were fine within the acceptable range. The other 66 items tested for were fine.

I did talk to her about the 4 gout/arthritis attacks I had in the November-December span and she explained that the best way to decide that was next time I am having one of those attacks to come in and she could take a sample to see if there are crystals in the fluid. We discussed the home remedies (tart concentrated cherry juice and apple cider vinegar) which she said could do no harm but she would prefer I tale Aleve but not the AlevePM.

All in all the ‘problems’ could be dealt with and none were life threatening plus I knew how to get the high numbers down “and with no holidays, no Leap Year and the next labs to be done before Valentine’s Day & the chocolate sales, the numbers should come down!” (She knows me.)

Oh yes did I forget to mention that I had lost 2 and a half pounds, even with the holidays, since the last time she weighed me. On the other hand it seems I lost a half an inch in my height since last January—so that’s why I may look fat!!

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Laura wrote a post about matching her plastic lids with their bowls and mentioned leftovers which made me ask “What’s a leftover?” which in turn made me go over, open my refrigerator and see if I had anything that could be considered a leftover which is defined in the Random House dictionary ‘something remaining unused from a meal’.

Opening the refrigerator facing me was a gallon of water which I sip on all day and a gallon of mixed powdered milk from which I make a Weight Watchers milkshake every evening. There are 3 jars of salsa that I will use as flavoring for fish, meat and chicken, occasionally having salsa and chips.

There are 2 jars of instant decaffeinated coffee—many years ago I was told that if you put your coffee in the fridge for storage the flavor will last longer. There is a package of hearts of Romaine which I use one every night in a salad for dinner. In front of that is a plastic bag of peeled onions that I use a chopped slice of for the salad.

On the bottom shelf is a back-up of a gallon of orange juice of which I have an 8 ounce glass every morning—well when I wake up. Next to that is an 8 ounce portion of chicken which is for my dinner—more about that in a moment. Okay let’s not talk about that tin of chocolate—it is my Thursday treat and, no, none is leftover as the whole tin is eaten that day. In the back is a package of bread because that is where you keep bread in South Florida.

In the bin on the left side are onions waiting to be peeled and on the left side are apples of which I eat one a day, sliced and shredded nonfat cheese which I will use for a sandwich and on various dishes of protein.

On the inside of the fridge door on the bottom is the opened gallon of orange juice I am currently using, a liter of no caffeine, no calorie, no sodium diet cola I drink in the evening (oh yes, and no taste!) and a jar I keep excess grease from cooking in instead of throwing down the sink or toilet. Above that are various condiments including hot sauces, Katsu sauce—are you ready?—Fat Bastard Critical Mass Port and Chocolate steak sauce, Dijon mustard, light mayonnaise, no salt ketchup, light ranch dressing, minced garlic, grated parmesan cheese, grated topping cheese and a jar of Ciboulette. There are also 4 rice cakes as I have 2 with peanut butter for lunch in the afternoon.

In the freezer, on the top shelf, is a loaf of backup bread, a pound of ground sirloin, a pound of ground pork, a container of 24 small meatballs to be divided into 4 meals, a 12 pound uncooked turkey, 7 ‘emergency’ frozen dinners and packages of filet of flounder and tilapia for weekend dinners.

On the bottom shelf are two trays of ice cubes, cold patches for bruises (yes, I get a lot of those—getting old doesn’t help!) and next to that is a plastic box of chicken strips that I cook 12 pounds of in a crockpot, in different condiments, sauces and spices, the beginning of the month to use in 6 ounce amounts for dinners during the month. (See about the portion ready to be used on the bottom shelf of the fridge.)

I think that covers everything and I really don’t think any item could be considered a ‘leftover’ unless you think I have to eat the whole loaf of bread when I open the package!

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A DART BOARD FOR 2017 MADE FROM 2016   Leave a comment


I have never been shy when it comes to having my picture taken and have a record from birth to today in pictures though I am missing a few mid teen years.

Don’t remember when I first discovered ‘selfies’ but I haven’t stopped since! I take pictures of myself at restaurants or with and without glasses, different shirts, any time something happens to me—which is more and more as I get older from cataract operations to tripping and falling first on my right knee and then a few months later on the left and let’s not forget ‘the finger’ incident where I took pictures even I couldn’t look at but I took them!

And I just added a last 2016 selfie—would you believe tripping in a movie theatre? Don’t ask!

I have one more look back at 2016 I want to post which will probably be mostly if not all videos but I am going to do that one over the weekend

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I saw 20 shows in 2016 14 of which were touring shows of Broadway productions presented by Broadway Across America and Bank of America and 6 by a local production company called the Slow Burn Theatre which present show that have played on and off-Broadway that we wouldn’t see otherwise.

The best shows I saw in 2016 were; “Beautiul” (which will be playing again and I am looking forward to seeing once more in 2017), “An American in Paris”, “Sound Of Music” and “Kinky Boots” which I saw twice within 3 months it having played in Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

The best performance was by Garen Scribner a first class dancer, a good singer and actor in “An American in Paris” followed closely by J. Harrison Ghee as Lola  in “Kinky Boots”.

The start of 2017 will be the Broadway touring company “Cabaret” in Fort Lauderdale on Tuesday January 10 at the Broward Performing Arts Center in Fort Lauderdale.

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As far as I can figure it I have eaten out about 164 times last year which includes sit down full service restaurants on Thursdays while out food shopping and running errands, fast food restaurants usually on Fridays for a bite after the movies, new restaurants introduced to me by groupons  plus some classic restaurants like Big Louie’s, The Quarterdeck where we usually eat before going to the theatre and those I take people to who are visiting from out of town which are above average.

This year I remember finding 2 excellent restaurants that are what I call ‘special occasion’ places to eat because they are pricy but memorable. The first was the Bistro Mezzaluna which is white glove all the way and Bamboo Asia Bistro within a couple of blocks from the former.

The best all around restaurant from the prices to portion sizes to variety and good service was/is Cabo Blanco serving Peruvian and Cuban cuisine. I have been working my way through their 37 lunch specials and each is as good as the first which was/is a prize winner—that is all Allen ever orders when we go—which is called Tallarin Saltado Con Camarones consisting of 12 large shrimp sautéed with onions and tomatoes over linguini in what I believe is a light teriyaki sauce and is served with bread with two different spices and butter plus a cup of soup. The latter takes getting use to as it is chicken soup which is cooked, and served, with the bones attached to the small bites of chicken! This is one of their most expensive lunch specials at $8.99 and looking at the size and amount of shrimp I don’t know how they do it. I have eaten their 8 times since finding it and will be going there Thursday for my first restaurant meal of the year and I plan to go through all the specials!

One of the worst restaurants I went to and, surprisingly, was through a groupon, called the Rustic Pizza. It was one of the most uncomfortable, smallest, dirtiest restaurants I have ever been in.

Another restaurant I went to, Kelvin 3200, closed within a month and my review on Yelp’s reflected why it did. There are some restaurants that are good but for whatever reason I don’t go back and many are way too expensive for what they offer. Regarding the latetr I have had more sticker shock at restaurant prices last year than I ever had before.

The highlight of my eating out was my 20th Leap Year Birthday party at the Café Vico. I couldn’t have asked for a better meal, better service and the group of people celebrating with me were first rate, first class. Sadly a few I invited couldn’t make it but I am expecting them in 2020!!

I eat all kinds of foods in all kinds of restaurants and love discovering new places plus returning to old places that I know are reliable. Many restaurants come and go in the Fort Lauderdale area while others stay around for decades. There are certain restaurants I will go for seafood while others for steak or a good cheeseburger but, eventually, I will get to them all.

Here are some of the over 58 restaurants I have eaten in this year while on the video there are some of the dishes I have had—enjoy and come on down and have a meal with me!

Peter Pan diner, Thai Moon by the Sea, Tequila Sunrise, Arby’s, IHOP, Denny’s, Rok Burger, Fuego Latino, Jalisco, I heart Mac ‘N Cheese, The Deck, Lester’s diner, Cheddar’s, Sage, Red Cow, Coco Asian Bistro, Chef’s Palette, La Bamba, Burger 21, Spring Chicken, Subways, Il Mulino, The Cheesecake Factory, 15th Street Fishery, Smokey’s BBQ, Sea Watch, Boatyard, 2 Girls and a Grill and the list continues!

This week Cabo Blanco and next week the first new restaurant of 2017 The Tilted  Kilt.

A few of the places and plates–note the picture of Allen with the bib–I bought him a package of disposable bibs for adults! LOL


People rate movies in all different ways from using stars or numbers or even thumbs—I use words!

Lowest rating is ‘bad’ going up to boring, blah, so-so, okay, not bad, good, excellent and the highest rating, MUST SEE which means I want to see it again.

I believe movies should be seen on a movie screen 45-50 feet not 60 inches! DVD and TV should only be used if you missed it in theatres or have seen it once and want to see it again!

I saw a minimum of 52 movies in 2016 plus I went on Tuesdays every now and then so let us say 60. The following are my choices of WORST in 2016, in no particular order are:

“The Lobster” & “King Cobra” probably the worst, “Anomalisa”, “Arrival” (which is on most best liked lists LOL), “Mr. Right”, “Rogue One: Star Wars”, “The Nice Guys” and “The Brand New Testament”

The BEST 2016 films, again in no particular order except the first is THE best:

“Moana”—yes an animated film! –“Viva”, “Moonlight”, “Loving”, “Fences”,  “Hell or High Water”, “Southside With You”, “Aquarius”, “Sully” and “Mama”.

The BEST 2016 performances: Viola Davis in “Fences” gives the best screen performance since Charlize Theron in “Monster”—the rest: Viggo Mortenon “Captain Fantastic”, Tika Sumpter (“Southside With You”),  Ruth Negga and Joel Edgerton (“Loving”), Andre Holland, Mahershala Ali (“Moonlighting”), Penelope Cruz (“Mama”), Tom Hanks (“Sully”), Jeff Bridges (Hell and High Water”), Sonia Braga (“Aquarius”) and Denzel Washington (“Fences”).

Worst performance in a 2016 movie—Brad Pitt in “Allied”

There are still a few movies and performances of 2016 that haven’t played in this area yet.

Some of the 60+ movies I saw in 2016

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