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8 days without the Internet means I have a lot of catching up to do. I am overwhelmed with all the notifications I have from blogging sites and emails plus posting my ‘diary notes’. As most of you know I have kept diaries for over 70 years having many lined notebooks of all sizes and shapes. 

In 199? (What year was it Chuck?) Chuck introduced me to computers and started writing my diary notes and saving them here which saves a heck of a lot of room! In any case I am going to condense the notes and go from there. Aside from restaurant and movie review while I was on ‘vacation’ Gateway put in a ‘new’ bathtub in my apartment and in the process burned my shower curtain and liner!

Not having the Internet I found myself going back to reading books! I forgot how much I enjoyed doing that! I also did something I always dread–cleaning! I went through 14 draws throwing out ‘stuff’ and rearranged my linen closet, cleaned off, and out, my desk though back on the Internet for 12 hours you would never know that by all the ‘notes’ I now have on it.

I, also, have a backlog of posts I was saving for future postings and now some are already out of date. I started to work on adding captions to the slide shows I make at youtube, actually putting what I want to say on the particular photo. I want to post the one I did about the 20 touring Broadway shows coming here to see what you think and offer any suggestions. (That will be on my songanddanceman page.)

In conjunction with “Something Rotten” coming I am going to experiment with running a contest which will be fun for theatre geeks though whenever they have that topic on Jeopardy most don’t get it right. (I’ll give you a little head start and practice here at the end.)

The one benefit I did get from not being able to get on the Internet was that I learned how to use the phone in ways besides taking and making calls–that doesn’t mean I like it or will do it again if I don’t have to but I’ll write about that on another post!

How many musical references can you catch? Hint: here are a few to start–Annie, South Pacific, Evita, Guys & Dolls, Sweet Charity, A Chorus Line. There are over 30!

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