A Perfect Fun Evening in Fort Lauderdale   Leave a comment

Weather wise March 21, 2017, was a perfect day with sun, clear sky, around 80 degrees and as evening came with the sky still clear the stars and moon were visible with the temperatures in the mid to lower 70s.

We had pre-theatre dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, the Quarterdeck, and I ordered Seafood pasta while Allen had Chicken Franchise and we ended up with a double scoop of ice cream. It was either that or one of the big chocolate chip cookies at the theatre but we were behaving ourselves and only had the ice cream!

We arrived at the theatre to be greeted by a group of roving minstrel players from a nearby Renaissance Fair in Delray beach which was a nice added touch.

Then came “Something Rotten” which proved that it was everything but that with funny lines, good music, excellent actors, an ensemble that couldn’t have been any better and a production that just made you smile and leaving the theatre feeling great.

What more could a person ask of an evening?

Take a look! 



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