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Ricardo Williams Book received April 7 2017 (1)

I received a copy of the new book by Ricardo G. Williams titled “Unchained Mind: Powerful life changing thoughts on peace, love and success” and am faced with a dilemma. Do I read it as I would normally read a book or do I approach it from other angles such as section by section or page by page. I am sort of leaning to the latter as I think reading one thought a day and incorporating it into my day might just be the best way. Some of the thoughts are already ingrained within me but reviewing them might not be a bad thing.

So, do I read a page every morning with my coffee or do I take the book down to the pool and take the time to reflect on what he is saying surrounded by Mother Nature? (I was going to say the beach but for the next two weeks the beach is off limits–Spring Break in full swing!

Or should I read it at night, in bed, just before going to sleep so the brain can absorb what Author Williams want for me to hear?

For those of you who read it let me know what you think or if Mr. Williams can take the time to let me know what he would prefer that would be great!

In case you haven’t gotten it yet


On another note I was informed yesterday, after 7 months of going back and forth, that my insurance has denied the prosthetic finger for my right hand after having a mold taken of it. The reason given was that it was more cosmetic than medical which I and my  doctor(s) disagree with so it looks like I will dispute their findings which will probably take another 7 months.


Allen went into the hospital yesterday for a series of tests as he is in pretty bad shape and it seems they can’t find out the reason why.


Ending on a positive note it is a beautiful day here with clear skies, bright sun, temperatures in the high 70s–a perfect day to take a book down to the pool and read for awhile along with watching the boats come and go, paddlers, canoes, kayaks and speedboats enjoying the bay!

The Point 2 April 23 2016 (1)

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