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How about 44 of them??

Don’t know when it started but I do remember how. I received an email asking if I would be interested in receiving a free magazine for filling out a 2-3 minute survey and I just deleted it. Then it came again but this time it mentioned a magazine I was interested in so I decided to do it and before I knew it I was doing a quick survey a month and, obviously, I did more than 44 surveys over the past couple of years.

Not only do I get 44 magazines a month (some every week) I have $357 in credit!!

Some of the magazines I get are Forbes, Fortune, Time, New York, The New Yorker, Golf, Auto Monthly, Bon Appétit, O, W, Sunset, Men’s Journal, Esquire, Gentleman’s Quarterly, This Old House, Glamour, AARP, Rolling Stone, Wired, Elle, US, People, Sports Illustrated, etc. Most I give to neighbors who are interested in the magazine’s subjects but I still find myself with a bunch of magazines piled up that I have to catch up with.

They have print magazines, digital magazines and even recorded magazines along with some books and you don’t pay a penny nor do you get tons of emails.

With all this the books I want to read are also piling up!

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