“Their Finest”–A Movie Review   Leave a comment

Sitting and watching “Their Finest” I wondered if it worth 120 minutes of your time to go behind the scenes to see how propaganda films were made in Britain during WW2? What about seeing a consummate performance by Bill Nighy as a previously lead actor now older and made to play supporting roles?  What about a supporting cast of top rate British actors whose name you might not know or even possibly their faces? Or would you be interested in seeing how women were treated in the 1940s even when the country were short of men who were off to war?

On the other hand are you willing to spend 100 minutes of those 120  sitting through a very slow moving movie where nothing really happens except for a scene now and then between Nighy and Eddie Marsan, the latter playing his agent, which is almost stolen from the latter’s dog? Is it worth trying to decipher very heavy British accents just to get a look on Nighy’s face when he discovers he will be playing a man way past his prime? (A definite yes to that scene!)

There is a somewhat love story that offers little interest, between Gemma Arterton and Jack Huston that becomes a triangle when Sam Claflin, as her co-worker, enters the picture. Also Rachael Stirling as a sort of Ann Southern/EveArden type of second banana offers some humor, and questions, as a member of the Ministry of Information division. Jeremy Irons has a cameo and Jack Lacy plays an American war hero who has to be, I hope on purpose, one of the worst actors ever!

Is it worth sitting through 120 minutes of “Their Finest” to see Bill Nighy? No, just look at the trailer and get an idea of how he elevates the movie just from his quick scenes here.


Movie trailer


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