“A Very Sordid Wedding”–A Movie Review   Leave a comment

Very seldom is a sequel to a movie better, let alone as good, as the original and “A Very Sordid Wedding” is not that seldom one. I remember being completely entertained and surprised by “Sordid Lives” even going so far as to buy the DVD. I am not someone who often laughs out loud watching a movie but I did, many times, each time I looked at that film.

Some of the original characters, and the actors playing them, have returned, while some new characters make their debut in this picture. In the original Ty Williamson (played by Kirk Geiger then and now)) spent most of the film getting the nerve to come out to his mother while here he and his, happens to be Black, lover having been married in 49 States to celebrate the Supreme Court’s decision legalizing same sex marriage, comes back to Texas to get married in his hometown where the new Southern Baptist pastor is holding a Anti-Equality rally, therefore the title of movie and where it is heading.

In the 2000 original movie the director and screen writer, Del Shores, kept control of his actors and storylines but in this sequel he seems to be all over the place. His ‘camp’ in many cases is grotesque, his one liners clichés and the actors are so overplaying their roles it as if they are on stage instead of in front of a camera. The whole Texas humor is so negatively Southern and overboard it is very rarely funny.

There are 2-3 scenes that are touching regarding the bible and how two people can interpret it differently along with how some people will follow it while others will pick and choose what they want to follow. Though nothing new is said the arguments are still powerful regarding love.

“A Very Sordid Wedding” is available on VOD but I suggest you skip this movie and see the very funny original “Sordid Lives”.

Just a personal observation regarding Leslie Jordon, who in the original was sent for conversion therapy, and was very moving in the role, here his role is badly overwritten and so badly overplayed that I was embarrassed for him and the drag queens he was representing.  

A Very Sordid Wedding Movie Trailer


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