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June 2017 Sigh! Someone has to live my life!   Leave a comment

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Living near the water   Leave a comment

In my backyard



The Audacity  (sold shortly after I took this.)


The Point–this one is a little loud just before I learned how to shoot without the background noise!

I took these in January 2015 when it was cold–only 77 degrees I think!

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Nothing left on my ‘bucket list’?   Leave a comment

Do you remember the first time you heard/used the term bucket list? It seems everywhere you turn someone is mentioning and/or talking about their bucket list. I decided to make up one for myself and after 3 hours looking at a blank sheet of paper and my mind racing all over the place I discovered I don’t have a bucket list, that I have done everything I wanted to and whatever I would put on a list would be more of a dream than a reality.

Sure I would love to win the lottery and I even buy tickets every week but does that go on a bucket list?

I would like to ride a horse but that isn’t something that is going to happen at my age and with my health.

I would like to visit New Zealand AGAIN but been there, done that!

I’ve written books, had many articles published and wrote a weekly news column, written a dining out column for a magazine.

Six years ago I became a professional theatre reviewer which I had dreamed about since I was 13.

I was very wealthy for a decade.

As I went along in life I did things I wanted to do as they came up for good or bad but all were experiences and many would be on my bucket list today if I had thought twice and didn’t do them back in the day.

I’ve seen the best of entertainers perform live, saw the famous of stage and met a movie star here and there.

Oh sure I would love to have a red convertible again but does that go on a bucket or wish list?

If I had my choice of doing anything I wanted to do tomorrow it would be the same as I did yesterday or last week or that I have done in the past decade.

Yes I hope to have more new experiences but none that I would consider part of a bucket list—hope when you are 81 you can say the same!

After I wrote this I wondered where ‘bucket list’ came from so I went to and came up with the following, surprised that it is a fairly new expression!

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Like diaries, videos can bring back the past   Leave a comment

Actually it IS February!

The Moon over Fort Lauderdale


Gateway dogs

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El Guanaco a Ft. Lauderdale restaurant review   Leave a comment

El Guanaco Collage

I have never, that I know of, had Salvadoran food so when I saw a groupon for this restaurant I decided to give it a try.

The servers were busy and without hesitation the busboy sat us, gave us menus, took our drink order and brought them. We were served chips and salsa at which time the server came over.

If I had been in the mood for Mexican I would have tried one of their fajitas as I usually judge a Mexican restaurant by that dish and Allen ordered the Seafood Fajita ($15) and it did look good. Glancing over the menu I decided to ask the server, Carmen, for a suggestion  for a guy who wasn’t familiar with Salvadoran food  and she said the Salvadoran Combo appetizer ($14) which I did order and with a choice of steak, pork or chicken chunks, I chose the chicken. The plate consisted of 2 Chicken tacos, Pupusa which I had never heard of, fried Yuca (as spelled on the take out menu) with pickled cabbage, Salvadoran cream and cheese, red sauce and salsa verde.

I can only judge a restaurant by what I am served and it really hurts me to say the only good thing on the plate was the Chicken tacos. The chunks, Pupusa and Yuca was over-fried and beyond crispy and the salsa, red sauce and Salvadoran cream added nothing to the rest. The pickled cabbage was interesting in that it seemed to be between a slaw made with vinegar and sauerkraut.

Allen had the coconut flan for dessert ($3.50), which he said was one of the best he ever had, along with an iced tea (($2.50) while I had (a strong) American coffee ($1.50)

The restaurant looks like a mom and pop operation with 4 booths and about 5 tables plus a counter with about 5 seats with the tables having all black or white tablecloths. There were 6 people working and they were working constantly! And too small a place for two televisions!

Our check came to $38.69 before the groupon’s $20 discount which brought it down to $18.69. 

They do have what looks and reads a good children’s menu.


I don’t know if this will make sense to you but I was disappointed in being disappointed at El Guanaco.

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Not THAT long ago   Leave a comment

This was just a year and 9 months ago and all the flowering bushes and plants are gone!


Hard to believe that 41 years ago I saw the opening number of this show on the Tony Awards and since then have seen it on stage 101 times!


Been 2 years since we have been here and haven’t been back—so many restaurants and so little time!!

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“The Hero” a movie review   Leave a comment

Sam Elliot is one of those very rare actors who can make a bad role and/or movie better just because he is doing a role and he does it effortlessly! He is very seldom the star of a movie but whatever star is playing opposite in a scene is forgotten as your eyes will go to him.  Tall, lean, with a silver mane any old man would envy plus a mustache that falls in love with women (see the movie!) and a voice that can melt any female, plus quite a few males, that even with 50 movies plus 137 episodes and television movies he has never reached that upper tier of actors and has very seldom been listed above the title.

In “the Hero” Sam Elliot, and that mustache, star in the film experiencing every emotion a man can have including all the extremes and takes the audience along with him. We see, and believe, a woman, Charlotte (Laura Prepon), 35 years younger than him, falling in love and pursuing him. We feel bad for him when he messes up an audition and we cheer when accepting an award his speech goes viral to over 2 million people. His disconnect with his daughter Lucy (Krysten Ritter) is heartbreaking and his reaching out to the wife he is divorced from, Kathryn Ross (his real life wife), is touching as you understand why they divorced.

The story revolves around Lee Hayden, who made a western movie four decades ago that was a big hit but he is now making a living doing voice over commercials. His best, and seemingly only, friend is a fellow actor Jeremy (Nick Offerman) who had appeared in a TV series with him and now makes a living selling drugs, including to Lee and Charlotte which is how they meet. On the same day that he is asked to receive a lifetime achievement award from the Western Appreciation and Preservation Guild he receives the news from his doctor that the tumors he has found on Lee’s pancreas is malignant.

Though we wish “The Hero” had followed, and gotten more into, the relationship between Charlotte and Lee just watching Sam Elliot makes sitting through this 93 minute movie a treat. Stretching it with too many waves landing on the beach, it takes place in Los Angeles, Director Brett Haley, who also wrote the screenplay with Marc Basch, throws in some not meant to be but are laughable scenes involving the poetry of Edna St. Millay and Lee, Charlotte and Jeremy smoking weed in scenes that add nothing to the movie except time. The soundtrack offers many songs adding to the many different moods in the film.

For fans of Sam Elliot this is a must see fan while those who may be familiar with his face should come to see it for the actor. Laura Prepon, of “Orange Is The New Black”, is new to me and I am looking forward to seeing her in more movies.

And lets not forget that mustache!!

Movie Trailer

The tower of changing lights   Leave a comment

Will I ever make a GOOD video?

Well I keep on trying!!  LOL

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Do you follow the ‘rules’ eating chocolate??   Leave a comment

chocolate bar 2 (1)


Do you do all this BEFORE you eat your chocolate bar or do you just rip off the wrapper and gobble it down (like I do)??

Years ago Terry got me to try it the ‘right’ way–lasted for one square of chocolate!

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The Boys Night Out!   Leave a comment

A pre-theatre dinner and an opening night

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