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When I first experimented taking videos among the first three I took were in 2012 of the Gateway movie theatre. It has been my favorite movie house to go to since I moved back to Fort Lauderdale in 1979. When I lived in Miami Beach in the 1960s we use to drive up to what was known as ‘the country’–Fort Lauderdale. We would always wind up going to the Gateway for a movie after a day on the beach and then dinner at one of the few restaurant choices available then.

If a movie is playing at one of the new, ‘modern’ fancy movies or The Gateway I will always choose the latter, for many reasons including their staff, the movie-goers comment board and the variety of movies they show at one time from independent films, to Hollywood blockbusters to foreign films, documentaries and so called ‘art house’ films.

Recently they made a few improvements including a new lobby floor, marque signs for what movie is playing in each auditorium, new comfortable chairs, etc., but they kept that comment board which alone is worth the price of admission!

The first three videos are those from 2012 and the last is one I took recently. (In 5 years my video making hasn’t improved.)


“New” Gateway Theatre


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