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In the 1940s and 1950s, in my teens, I thought Ava Gardner and Rita Hayworth were two of the most beautiful women in the world and in the 1990s Charlize Theron took over that title. She also added one of the best actresses in “Monster”, at which time I swore if she didn’t win the Oscar I would never go to movies again (Whew! She did!), along with “Mad Max: Fury Road”. In her television ad for Christian Dior’s J’Adore perfume there is no one in the history of movies who walked, walks, as sexy as she does.

As much as I dislike violence the only reason I went to see “Atomic Blonde” was because she was in it and, yes. From first to last frame she is the center of violence. From kicking, hitting, kneeing, punching men in the crouch (OUCH!) to using keys, lamps, heaters, guns, knives, her hands and bodies she disperses her enemies like very few if any actions can or do.

Along with that she can look magnificent stepping out of an ice bath with bruises all over her body, a busted lip, a black eye and just take your breath away. Look at her walking in red stilettos, which she also uses as a weapon, or stepping out of a car with her long legs encased in leather high heel boots or her body wrapped in a sweater dress and you forget all the mayhem, murder and you know she is not only any man’s equal but, in most cases, their superior!

Obviously from her biceps, back muscles, firm, strong body you know she did most, if not all, of the stunts. She also could teach 007 how to make love to men and women!

No one walks like Theron does on screen and could have taught Monroe a few things!

Oh yes, there is a story in “Atomic Blonde”, written by Kurt Johnstad, which like in many action movies doesn’t really make sense and the director, David Leitch, puts his actors through the fights, car chases, interestingly, along with director of photographer, Jonathan Sela adding to the film as does composer Tyler Bates with his soundtrack and the addition of songs that fit each scene, sometimes with a laugh.

There is one long fight sequences with Theron battling one enemy after another, at times 4-5 of them in one shot that certainly will rank among the best on film.

There is a good supporting cast with James McAvoy as her partner standing out, James Goodman and Toby Jones, wasted, Sofia Boutella as a French spy who seduces or is seduced by Theron along with Eddie Marsan, Til Schweiger among others but it is Charlize Theron in every scene that owns the movie.

This is a film, first off, for Charlize Theron admirers, also for those not familiar with her, then action fans, masochists and sadists. Yes there is a lot of violence but I forgot most of it watching Theron hand ling herself and her enemies like she does it every day.

By the way some people left when the screen went black and missed the added on scene explaining what happened near the end.



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