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Allen, Anthony and I went for lunch here as I had a groupon. I have been coming here for close to twenty years as when I moved to Gateway the mother of the owner of the restaurant lived here and mentioned it. I would go 2-3 times a month as I liked their fajitas but it had been a year or so since I was here last.

The 2 male servers were excellent getting our drinks right away along with chips and salsa, bringing extra napkins before we had to ask for them and all in all were all that servers should be.

The salsa served with the chips had too much ‘juice’ which made dripping all over a major problem. I had decided to try another dish that I use to have when I when worked at Who Song and Larrys—now closed. I had the dinner portion shredded beef Chimichanga ($13.95) while Allen had the lunch size with chicken ($9.95) and both were the same size. Since the diet cola news we decided to stick with water.
Anthony had the Enchiladas Rancheras ($11.49) with raspberry iced tea ($2.79) without ice which always cracks me up.

All the dishes were served with refried beans and rice topped with sauce and cheese. Though the Chimichanga was okay I should have stayed with the fajitas.

They have a small, very unappetizing salad and soup bar that comes with the lunch menu.

For dessert Allen had the Flan ($4), which he wasn’t too impressed with and I had the fried ice cream ($5) which was good and presented in a striking way.

The check came to a total of $50.01 and with the $15 groupon I paid being good for a $25 discount (actually a $10 total discount which is not a deal as they have a $10 coupon in whatever ads they take) so the actual check presented to us was for $25.01

Though the restaurant hasn’t changed much as far as décor goes but it is clean and contains mainly Mexican restaurant clichés.

The main difference from the previous owners to the new ones was the lack of welcome, feeling like a friend or a member of the family, which is what made the old Tequila Sunrise an above average Mexican restaurant and makes the current one just another Mexican restaurant.Tequila Sunrise 2017 Collage

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