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There are times when I wonder if the critics saw the same movie as I did such as the one I saw this afternoon, “Good Time”. This movie has an 83% (out of 100%) rating and there are many 4-5 star reviews and except for watching Robert Pattinson after the first 5 minutes of dying his hair bright blonde I couldn’t find any redeeming features. Yes it is interesting to see how far he has come, in the acting department, since the “Twilight” series but the screenplay by Ronald Bronsteing and Josh Safdie, the direction by Josh and Benny Safdie and the photography of Sean Price Williams are helter-skelter, with plenty of violence in most of the scenes.

There is some interesting acting by Pattinson, Benny Safdie and Buddy Duress but equally embarrassing ones by Peter Verby and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

As bad as the movie is, though Pattinson and Safdie do their best to make it good, the ‘music’ by Oneohtrix Point Never provides one of the most horrendous scores this year, if not decade.

In spite of the critic’s reviews I can’t/won’t recommend “Good Time”.

Movie trailer


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