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My first phone videos   Leave a comment

And I learned not to stand on my head! As bad as they may be they are funny and still show the beauty of Mother Nature!

First phone video I ever made—09/09/2017


Second phone video I ever made—09/09/2017

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Whatever happened to them?   Leave a comment

avocado and lime tree 2 collage

Before Hurricane Irma came our way Gateway started to chop down many trees—mainly those near or against buildings and/or elevators—and I hated to see them go but as long as they didn’t touch the Avocado tree I wasn’t saying anything.

The Avocado tree made it through Irma without losing a branch or even a leaf so I still don’t understand why it was chopped down a few days after the storm ended. I don’t know if the Lemon tree was cut down before or after Irma but that was one of my favorites.

When I first moved into Gateway there were fruit trees all over the place. I remember picking grapefruits outside my apartment when I lived in building F. After I moved to building D it seemed almost immediately the Avocado tree started to fill up with green bulbs. Just 2-3 years ago we got about 75 beautiful, delicious Avocados and I am sure we would have gotten a new crop this or next year.

The Lime tree blossomed every year and I would check them every day and watch the process of blooms turning into real limes—hey I’m a city boy!—and I would always pick a few and use them on and in different foods, salads, veggies and liquids.

Avocado and Lemon trees collage
(My mistake–it was a lime tree!)


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Mother Nature gives/takes a beating and then…   Leave a comment

Birds Sept 24 2017 Collage

Between hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and volcanoes in one month’s time Mother Nature has certainly taken her rage out on us and, at the same time, has had some pretty harsh words hurled at her.

Then one day you walk out and see a scene like this and you are again in awe of her in a good way!

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Hurricane? What Hurricane?   Leave a comment  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3


Someday I will learn how to make a video!! Something went wrong with the sound.

In any case I just took pictures walking around Gateway now that Hurricane Irma is gone and, except for one shot, you would never know we had a storm here.

Life is back to normal—whatever that is!

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September 10 2017 The Beginning   Leave a comment

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Hurricane Irma leaves!!   Leave a comment

I don’t believe I didn’t know what ‘the mess’ was!!!


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Hurericane Irma after photos part 1   Leave a comment

86 degrees at 8:40 PM and no air conditioning–trees uprooted–car totaled–swimming pool room flooded–windows blown out–windows replaced–mmmm–how did that assorted cake picture from the Fresh Market get in there?–flooded parking lot–and read rule number 7 on the pool list and you will know why living here is dangerous everyday!!

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“I’m Still Here!”   Leave a comment

(Parts of my roof waiting to be picked up!)

Unashamedly I can say out loud that From Sunday September 10, 2017, at 12 Noon until Monday 6:30 PM September 18, 2017 certainly rate as some of the worst days of my life for many reasons which I won’t get into now or possibly ever.

I do know that at the age of 81 and 1/2 I have come to see people, and myself, in a different light after thinking for quite awhile that no one, including myself, would ever surprise me again–and I will leave it at that for now.

Right now I am busy catching up with 1,796 emails I have to go through, answering some and deleting many plus there is something such as catching up with sleep if one can. As much as I love heat it wasn’t very easy sleeping in an apartment without air conditioning, not a breeze available to even move a leaf and temperatures in the 80s at 9 PM!

The first 24 hours of the storm I lost 2 panes of window glass, part of my roof while half of my large room was flooded due to the heavy rains and the empty windows and the other half flooded due to the a/c unit not being sealed properly. Add to that a refrigerator/freezer that didn’t defrost right and flooded the kitchen I had a few wet, hot, sleepless nights and days

From that point things deteriorated!! BUT——

I took pictures and made a few videos that I will share over the next few days (weeks?) that in all probability won’t even come close to showing you how it was and, yet, and yet, mainly because I didn’t show how human nature of people can change by the effects of Mother Nature. (I purposely did not take ‘record’ people under “Irma” circumstances including not even one selfie of myself! Does that tell you something?)

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Hurricane Irma Part 2A   Leave a comment

Hurricane Irma  2A

Just before the rains started


3 minutes later

Right now it is a question of how long before the electricity goes out!! Miami already has 40,000 outages while Fort Lauderdale 6,000.

I have made a few vidieos—including my first one with the camera but want to get caught up before the Internet goes down.

A few notes:

  1. 5.6 million ordered to evacuate—don’t know how many did
  2. Fill garbage bags with water
  3. TimLaFonatinesuggested going to to get an idea of what is happening
  4. Though Irma is now supposed to hit the southwest harder than the southeast which is a bit better for usbut wewill still get tornadoes, floods, heavy rains and winds

5 Fort Lauderdale under curfew from 4 PM until ?????

  1. Got the penny and water set up! :O)

Hurricane Irma 1 Calm before the storm   Leave a comment

Calm before the storm?


Sorry about all the noise in the background.

I am going to try and make a video every day around 5 PM from the walkway outside my door to show IF there are any changes over the next few days. We have 5 trees and 3 buildings surrounding my backyard.

First time I can recall all 3 movie houses are closed.

Right now ‘they’ are saying it will hit the Florida southwest as a category 5.

All flights from and to the Fort Lauderdale airport will cease at 7:45 PM

Curfew on the beach tomorrow.

I learned something new that I am going to try. I have cooked up and frozen a load of food. It is suggested that you put a glass of water in the freezer and when the water is frozen place a penny on top. From the time the electricity goes until the penny is on the bottom of the glass your food is okay—at that point chances are the food will be spoiled.

Hopefully the electricity won’t go out—if you hear from me tomorrow you know it hasn’t!!! LOL

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