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I’ve been getting a lot of emails and PMs so what I think I will do is take a picture every day at 6 PM to show you what’s going on and then bring you up to date. (Might even try a video IF it hits!)
So far today has been a beautiful day with plenty of sun, no rain.
Was able to get gas without a problem, did my usual Thursday going to Dollar Tree, Winn Dixie–all were not a problem–not crowded–had what I needed.
Anthony and I had lunch at Gilbert’s then Allen wanted his car out by his place as he is afraid it will get flooded if parked here so we drove it out there.
No movie tomorrow as all theatres in my area are closed due to evacuation.
No I won’t be evacuating–this has been my 6th hurricane–I know how furious and dangerous they can be but I will be pretty safe as far I can be.
IF Irma hits we will lose power which means no computer, Internet, phone (can’t charge a cell phone) television, etc. I may have to read a book–first by sunlight then by candlelight (though we aren’t allowed to light candles in our apartments.
I have plenty of food (naturally) plus I bought myself a hurricane treat–see the picture–a Kitchen Sink Cookie which I will eat if/when Hurricane Irma lands.

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