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Part 2 tomorrow

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I look at the date on the bottom picture and I realize it is exactly 31 years ago and I still recognize that guy–WOW!!

I was never into the Halloween scene especially since the 1970s when everyone dressed as either Judy Garland or a Nun!

At that time I was working at Wag’s on University Drive and Commercial Boulevard–it has since been 3 different businesses–and Gonzalez, who I had worked with in New York, had brought in a painting kit knowing I wouldn’t be dressed up for Halloween and got to work so there I was walking around serving customers as a cat! Back in ‘those days’ we didn’t have phones with cameras or point and shoot digital cameras so there were no selfies or such!

I was looking through my pictures because I know I have one of my two friend’s, each named Michael, dressed up to go out to the bars–yes one was Judy and the other a Nun–but I can’t find it–will have to look again.

Thinking of the holiday and the year I realize it is also 31 years ago both Michaels and one of my mentors, Albyn, died, 2 in the month of October. The three of them loved celebrating Halloween and it has become a bittersweet time for me–I miss them but I see kids all dressed up getting ready to ‘trick or treat’ and I just want to say Happy Halloween and have a lot of fun!

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“Suburbicon” is one of the funniest unintended comedies in a long time but not in a laughing way, more of an ‘OMG!’ Way! I have never seen Julianne Moore give a bad performance but here as a combination Stepford wife, throw in a little of Kim Novak from “Vertigo”  and Barbara Stanwyck in “Double Indemnity” and you feel this is a new actress who won’t be heard from again.

The four screenwriters: Joel Coen, Ethan Coen, George Clooney and Grant Heslov each seem to have another genre from the other plus different movie homage’s, if they could be called that. In addition Clooney directed and among fight, murder and mayhem he throws in a physical joke that at least gets a laugh as wanted.

The reason I went to see the movie was because of Matt Damon and Julianne Moore and having already talked about Moore I have to say that I hope his next film, “Downsizing” is a hit because after “The Great Wall” and this film Damon needs one. Matt Damon is Matt Damon here, Fred McMurray there, a little Jason Bourne and, why not?, some of good Will hunting.

With a cast of strong supporting players “Suburbicon” doesn’t make a strong film considering the best storyline about a Black family being the first to move into a 1950s ‘lily white’ area is sort of neglected, especially the friendship between the young boys of the two families played by Noah Jupe and Tony Espinosa.

Not bad enough to be on a ‘worst list of 2017’ it certainly isn’t good enough to be recommended.



Movie trailer

Have you ever had a Rambutan??   Leave a comment

It is on the left in the center

Ours were brown on the outside, not red.

I love trying new–especially ‘strange’ looking–foods and we were at the Nabu American Fusion restaurant yesterday and there were Rambutans that looked like balls of porcupines!!

They are really a lot of work for a little melon tasting like fruit but I am glad I had them–at least once in my life!!!

For more:

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Scarves, mittens and ear muffs needed!   Leave a comment

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“Only the Brave”–a movie review   Leave a comment

“Only the Brave” is not the sort of movie I would go to see but I did and I will tell all others who wouldn’t go see a picture like this go for it and those who are into films like this you got a winner!

Aside from being pure entertainment, along with suspense and based on a true story, this is also educational in many ways regarding fires and fighting them. It certainly was for me and far from being boring.

Though Josh Brolin almost always gets excellent reviews he doesn’t seem to be able to get to the highest level of stardom and he deserves to as his role as the real Eric Marsh shows that he does.

“Only the Brave” is the true story of the ‘Granite Mountain Hotshots’ who fought a fire in Arizona in 2013 that killed more firefighters at one time except for 9/11.

With a team of 20 men plus spouses, kids, in-laws, friends, it is pretty hard to get to know everyone in this 2 hours plus film but we met enough of the men and their interactions plus a few of the ‘civilians’ that draw you into every moment of the film and the people involved.

Yes there is a Hollywood cliché here and there but even they ring true. The fire scenes and how quickly a fire can overtake acres of land and the many ways firefighters end, or at least delay, the destruction fire can do are totally.

Just watching this film as the California fires rage on taking everything in its way makes this a must see film to understand what is happening there.

I knew very little about the real story this is based on but the screenplay by Ken Nolan and Eric Warren Singer, along with the directing by Joseph Kosinski and the production values, especially the fire scenes, along with the excellent cast, makes it all real.

“Only the Brave” is such a good movie that not a person left the auditorium during the end credits even after they showed the real firefighters and who played them.

Be sure to see this film on a movie screen to get the full effect of the firefighters, the fires and what made these men so brave!

Cast: Josh Brolin, Jennifer Connelly, Jeff Bridges, Mills Tyler, James Badge Dale, Taylor Kitsch

Director: Joseph Kosinski

Screenwriters: Ken Nolan, Eric Warren Singer

PG-13 2 hours 13 minutes


Movie Trailer

Never too old to learn!   Leave a comment

Full of—- (Your laugh for the day)

Learning about ileus the hard way!



Ileus is a disruption of the normal propulsive ability of the gastrointestinal tract. Although ileus originally referred to any lack of digestive propulsion, including bowel obstruction, up-to-date medical usage restricts its meaning to those disruptions caused by the failure of peristalsis, rather than by mechanical obstruction. Although certain older terms such as meconium ileus persist in usage, they are now misnomers (which does not mean that they are incorrect or obsolete, but rather that they are known to not sound like what they really are).

Ileus means “intestinal obstruction”.


For about 10 days, and up to going into the hospital, the only symptom I had was the first but with a history of heart problems I held off for as long as I could play it safe before I went to the hospital.


In any case as I emailed some people after getting to the hospital:


As many of you will say “I knew that”–in the terms my doctor (female) said to me, “I could use feces but instead I will say shit (I blushing being a guy who doesn’t use 4 letter words)–and you are full of it! Your 13 foot intestine is blocked up which is why your chest is hurting and your stomach is bloated up like a balloon!!”

After explaining that I have a bowel movement daily she said I will give you a quick lessons about the intestine which she proceeded to do followed by handing me 2 prescriptions: one for laxatives and the other for magnesium citrate and added, no you will not lose 20 pounds but the bloat will go away!

And for all that I was in pain for 10 days!! (and still am the next day after taking the laxatives!)

Ah the joy of waking up every morning!


Go ahead and laugh!!!`

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Apartment improvements–more to come   Leave a comment

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THE Gateway artist at work!   Leave a comment

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A review in one word AWFUL! But since when do I use one word when I can use 10?!

To quote Allen, “Thor would have to be better than this!”

I came home and read the reviews by A. O. Scott of the NY Times, Douglas Markowitz of New Times, Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune and Peter Travers, all who raved about the movie! Did they see the same movie I did? Or don’t they know about the seedy strip not to far from DisneyWorld? (I did learn from a review that The Florida Project was the name for DisneyWorld in its planning stages!) Or are they unaware of the ‘hidden homeless’ in the United States?

As I use 10 words when I can use one director and co-writer Sean Baker, with Chris Bergoch, uses 5 scenes when 1 tells the same thing. 

There is no faulting the acting which includes William Dafoe as the manager of the purple motel where 22-year-old single mother Halley, played by Bria Vinate, and her 6-year-old daughter Moonie, played by 6-year-old Brooklynn Prince, live. Moonie’s friends Scooty, played by Christopher Rivera, and Jancey, played by Valeria Cotto, among others are typical kids doing things, both bad and good, kids do and are mostly natural in their scenes.

After a very boring, ‘where is this film going’ 1hour and 50 minutes, we finally get the payoff in the last 5 minutes and all I can say is save your money and use your time for something else or go see a good movie like “Marshall” or “Professor Marston and his Wonder Women”.


The Florida Project movie trailer

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