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Kelly's Landing Collage

Every time I left the Quarterdeck Restaurant on Cordova road or drove north and south on that road going to and coming from the Office Depot shopping center I would see this little restaurant called Kelly’s Landing, give it a quick thought and then forget it. Finally, after 20 years or so, I finally got to go there.

I shouldn’t but I still get sticker shock when eating lunch out and spending $20-25 plus tax and tip per person is a bit much for my budget. It is a small, long narrow restaurant with some dining outside and 2 television sets inside.

Deborah, our server, greeted and brought our drinks right away. Anthony had an Arnold Palmer ($3) and I had coffee ($3). We both ordered the Shrimp Scampi appetizer which was $11 each and, surprising to me as I never saw it that way, served without any pasta.

For dessert he had the Key Lime pie ($5) not saying whether it was good or not while after asking Deborah, I had the Ghiradelli Brownie with ice cream ($5) which was a run of the mill version available in most restaurants these days.

Our check came to $39.22 plus a 20% tip coming to about $24 each for lunch so I don’t think it will be one of my seafood places to go.

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