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 Flashback Diner Nov 30 2017

On the way to the theatre in Miami Anthony suggested the Flashback Diner on Federal so off we went.

The contradiction of being called Flashback and having a TV, with individual remote, on each table instead of the jukebox, a mainstay of yesterday’s Diner sort of struck me funny but then the thought of people at each table turning their TV on with different levels of sound cut the ‘funny’ off, not to mention the TV on the wall across from us.

Anthony had the ‘Robert Donat”, another name for the Monte Cristo ($14.95) and I had the Rita Hayworth, a turkey sandwich–I certainly didn’t think Rita was a turkey but that’s another story–$12.95. He had an iced tea–without ice (don’t ask) $2.75 and I had a diet cola ($2.95–cola costs more than tea????)

When we walked in my eyes lit up because I would kill for carrot cake and there was a huge one calling my name. I ordered a slice and was disappointed, not in the taste as it was very good but in the lack of thickness in the slice. ($6.95) Come on I had a diet cola so I could have a thick slice of the good carrot cake which is always served in Diners, flashback or not, and which Diners are, yesterday or today, known for such as Lester’s and Peter Pan’s.

The sandwiches and service were just okay and as good as the carrot cake was I wish it had been a bigger slice so I really could have had a taste instead of a hint.

The check with tax and tip came to $53–definitely not a ‘flashback’ to Diners of yesterday. :O)

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