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“The Greatest Showman” refutes the argument “They don’t make them like they use to”, as this movie could have starred Gene Kelly in the Hugh Jackson role on the sets of M-G-M, the Warner Brothers or 20th Century Fox studios. The costumes could have been made by Edith Head or Adrian and the story could have been written by one of the contract writers.

The main difference between the 1950s musical and “The Greatest Showman” are the songs by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul along with the choreography of Ashley Wallen which are strictly 2017! The songs will have you clapping and toe-tapping right along with the dancing.

The main similarity of the musical movies of yesteryear and “The Greatest Showman” is that they entertain and with all the talent involved this one certainly entertains.

Hugh Jackman, as P. T. Barnum, has proven on both stage and in films that he is a class A song and dance man who can stand side by side with the greats of yesterday. He has a good dance partner in Zac Efron who could be Donald O’Connor to Jackson’s Gene Kelly. They have a song, “The Other Side”, set in a bar and choreographed with shot glasses that are good as any song and dance number you will find in movies.

Michelle Williams as Barnum’s wife adds accolades of singing and dancing to her long list of credits while Keala Settle, as The Bearded Lady Lettie, belts out “This is Me” which is the theme song of Barnum’s circus.

Aside from the love story which opens the movie showing the young Phineas (Ellis Rubin) and Charity (Skylar Dunn) with the song “A Million Dreams” up to them as adults there is the love story between wealthy Phillip Carlyle (Efron) and Black trapeze artist Anne Wheeler (played by Zendaya) causing some backlash from the city citizens but also offering “Rewrite The Stars” as they do tricks in the center ring.

The story, for what it is worth, serves the purpose of introducing the songs that keep the movie moving, entertaining the audience and, as Barnum did, give the public the razzle-dazzle that puts a smile on your face.

“The Greatest Showman” has something for everyone (except sex and 4 letter words!) and delivers with stars, songs, dances and even bit of a ‘drama’ that will be forgotten quickly though the songs will remain. You will leave the movie with a smile on your face and what more do you want this time, or anytime, of the year.


Keala Settle singing “This Is Me!”



Movie Trailer


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