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Theatre 2017 collage

It is no secret that I love the theatre! There is a certain magic about it that I don’t find in movies, on television and/or reading a book though I do find a different kind of magic in each. There is a scene in “Finding Neverland” that blew my mind and I knew it could be explained logically but I didn’t want to know.

I’ve been invited to press conferences and in my early youth I was invited backstage a few times (which I declined) and I’ve blocked out a period in my life where I was involved putting a play onstage all because I didn’t want to know what goes on behind the scenes nor did I want to meet any actors and not have them live up to the characters they played on stage. Strange? That theatre.

This past year I saw 19 shows of which 3 stood out with the first being “Something Rotten”! I found it fun, original, had a great score and defined the “Broadway Musical Comedy Theatre” for me. I would love to see it again and hope it comes back to South Florida.

The second show was one I saw over 50 years ago and this was the first time since then and this production of “The King and I” was that pure magic I talked about and made me forget Gertrude Lawrence and Yul Brynner who I saw in the original and that was hard to forget.

The third show was “Beautiful”, which featured the music of Carole King and I had seen in 2016 and watched the second time as if it was the first time I saw it. That makes for a good show!

Tonight starts the 2018 season and I will be seeing “Riverdance 20” and next Tuesday “The Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder” to be followed by “Wicked”, “The Color Purple”, “The Bodyguard”, “Waitress”, “Jersey Boys” and “Chicago”. Stayed tuned for my reviews.

Theatre 2 2017 collage 

I could listen to this all day every day! From “Something Rotten” at the Tony Awards “It’s A Musical”!


And this one with show references


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