“Riverdance 20”–A dance review   4 comments


Superman can fly but can he tap dance, do flips and take your breath away at the same time? The supermen and superwomen of the 20th-anniversary tour of the Irish dance phenomenon called Riverdance can do all that plus sing and leave you exhausted while they just keep on going!

Aside from Irish hard tap dancing and ballet, there are The Riverdance Russian Folk troupe, a Flamenco soloist, an ensemble of Irish dancers and singers from all over the world plus two African-American tap dancers and the Riverdance band consisting of 4 members.

The stage consists of the drummer on stage left and the fiddler, saxophonist and the combination Uilleann pipes/low whistle/tin whistle, concertina player stage right. In the center is a wide flight of steps backed by a projection of animated scenes.

Each and every person on that stage gave their best and you felt as if they were enjoying what they were doing as much as the audience was.

There is a rotation of male leads consisting of Will Bryant, Kieran Hardiman and Jason O’Neill with an equal number of women leads being Maggie Darlington, Amy-Mae Dolan and Ciara Sexton. Obviously, these 6 have to be the best of the best, looking glorious as they dance. The members of the ensemble are so fine that any could dance the lead without disappointing the audience.

While it really isn’t fair to choose anyone as outstanding in this outstanding troupe particular attention has to be given to DeWitt Fleming Jr and Tyler Knowlin, the two African-American tap dancers, who face off against the Male Troupe in a number entitled “Trading Taps” which stopped the show and had the audience at first taking sides and then giving up as they were all superb! Just before the competition started DeWitt Fleming Jr showed off a rich baritone singing “Heal their Hearts-Freedom”. 

Another outstanding member of the company was the drummer Mark Alfred who among other percussion instruments played a Bodhran, which I had never been aware of before, that got the audience really worked as much as the dancers did.

“Riverdance 20” takes what is known as ‘folk dance’ and makes it international, spectacular and leaves you exhausted in a good way.

Though the only performances at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts remaining are today and tomorrow get whatever tickets they may have remaining for an exciting time of theatre and dance!

The show is 2 hours and 5 minutes with a 20-minute intermission! For tickets call 954-462-0222 or go to wwwbrowardcenter.org

4 responses to ““Riverdance 20”–A dance review

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  1. It really was an amazing show. It was my first time seeing RiverDance live but I definitely won’t miss it when a new one comes through town.

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