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Outback collage

Allen and I decided to go to the Outback for lunch. We both ordered the ‘Big Aussie Bloom’ (which I would call ‘death by fats and carbs’!) To quote their menu ‘Bloomin’ onion with cheese fries and topped with Aussie Cheese Fries and topped with cut sirloin.’
I could feel the fat coming on with each bite. My fault for ordering it but all I can say is DON’T!
Probably THE WORST dish I have ever had in a restaurant!
The dish is $12.99 and our soft drinks were $2.99 each so with tax and a good tip the check came to $43.88 .
The saving factor of the meal was our server Jason. Not only did he give excellent service but he also had a good sense of humor and knows how to interact with customers no matter what they said to him.
Outback was never my place to go for a gourmet meal but they had edible food (most times), good employees and they have delicious dark bread.

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