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I haven’t seen a ‘western’ in at last 20 years and I can do without seeing one again after “Hostiles”. ‘They’ certainly don’t make them like they use and John Wayne would be embarrassed, let alone not know how to act, doing Christian Bale’s role!

The only westerns I have liked are “Shane”, the campy “Duel In The Sun” and “Johnny Guitar” and though Bale is excellent I couldn’t/wouldn’t watch this 2 hour and 13-minute film again even if you gave me all the carrot cake I can eat!

In spite of the fantastic scenery, whether it is in mountains or forests or streams or desert to open plains, there isn’t much new in “Hostiles”. Let’s go over the checklist: Indians raiding and killing all the white settler family except the mother—check, a white man getting scalped—check, women being raped—check—the black soldier getting shot—check—a very wise Indian chief—check—people dying and being buried—check—people dying and being left to rot—check—an Indian being hung from a tree—check. Should I go on?

By the way, the above aren’t spoilers as you have seen these scenes in almost every western!

There are two things that are new in this movie and that is basically understanding Bale’s character though you are told very little about him and, in spite of the fact that I love a ‘happily ever after’ ending this has one of the most ludicrous ones I have ever seen. This also isn’t a ‘spoiler’ because it is so unbelievable!

Christian Bale is excellent and though there was talk of his getting an Oscar nomination he didn’t which is as senseless as Denzel Washington getting one for his role in “Roman J. Israel, Esquire”. Rosamund Pike does what she can with the ‘damsel in distress’ role while no one leaves an impression in any of the other roles.

“Hostiles” is in the same category as “Phantom Thread” in that except for the leading actor neither are worth seeing.


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  1. Good movie👍😎…loved it. Nice to see Chris Bale again

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