Mold War Part 3 & 4   Leave a comment

Sunday 3B

Friday morning one of the guys came up to work on the bathroom. In short time the commode was in the hallway, the shower curtain rod and the medicine cabinet was down but the sink remained.

By 6 PM it was like a new bathroom but there was something wrong with the ‘donut’ the commode is on which he said he could fix temporarily and would come back tomorrow to set it right. Tomorrow? Saturday? Meanwhile, the shower rod hasn’t been put up again and he added he would do that also tomorrow. He did put up an attractive new light fixture and he said he called in for a brand new medicine cabinet that should be here by Monday.

Sunday Feb 11 2018 collage part 3A

He never showed, or called, on Saturday so now I was in limbo regarding both the kitchen and bathroom while the living room was just piled up with ‘stuff’ and waiting for Monday to come and see what happens.

Bathroon lights and showerhead collage

What I don’t understand, that though all this has to be done, why it was being done before the new roof was put on? Also, will the mold come back?


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