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 Unbirthday gifts 2018 collage

The first unbirthday morning was been a busy morning and it started early–surprisingly I was up when the UPS guy came to deliver me a carrot cake and happy birthday balloon (I said no presents this year but what can I do? Can’t send it back, don’t want to hurt somebody’s feelings)–at 9 AM the maintenance guy knocked on my door to come in to scrape the bubbles off the living room ceiling and repaint it plus ARGH!!!–they took the tree outside the front of my building where the parrots visited and then, of course, had to use the shredder right under my bedroom window!

No one has respect for a guy who doesn’t have a birthday!

Unbirthday gifts Feb 2018 collage

The second unbirthday morning started the same way as they never did the ceiling yesterday so it was to be done today. One of the first non-birthday gifts I got was a box of assorted Italian pastas and sauces which I plan to take one of each and make myself an unbirthday dinner adding either shrimp or ground sirloin

Gift from Mary

and then I am going to be working on my 21st Leap Year birthday dinner party which will be Saturday, February 29, 2020—mark your calendars.


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