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 Of the 7 movies, I have seen so far in March, the 2 best ones revolved around teenagers. The first “Love, Simon” is the first Hollywood production dealing with a gay male teenager coming out in high school and the reactions of his friends, schoolmates, males, females and his parents. It is a smart, thoughtful and touching film about someone ‘different’ that should be seen.

In the second film, “Midnight Sun” the main character is a straight teenage female who is also different in the sense she has xeroderma pigmentosum or XP, a very rare disease that makes her hypersensitive to the sun and has spent most of her life indoors being homeschooled and very little interaction with people, let alone other teenagers. Her mother died when she was 5, though I don’t recall if it was of the same disease.

Katie’s father is devoted to her and does everything he can to fulfill her life with both being aware it will be shortened no matter what care they take. Her best friend Morgan since childhood visits every day, and it is due to her that Katie finally meets Charlie who she has watched for years passing by her house and becomes the love of her young life.

“Midnight Sun” is a tearjerker and the screenplay by Kenji Bando and direction by Scott Speer tugs at the heartstrings manipulates the audience’s feelings, throws in a few laughs and in spite of a few missteps delivers the goods.

Bella Thorne as Katie is beautiful, obviously talented, has good chemistry with all the actors, especially with Patrick Schwarzenegger as Charlie. Yes, Patrick is the son of Arnold and though not as muscle-bound as his father was at the same age but he is better looking with definite model looks as one scene in his underwear will attest to. He does make an impression in his first starring role and could likely have a modest screen career.

Rob Riggle as Katie’s father does an excellent job and Quinn Shepard as Morgan has the ‘second banana’ role down pat getting the needed laughs along with the best friend empathy needed.

Though it is corny here and there and has a major misstep of making Katie a singer, the young leads are so appealing that you get caught up, not only in their romance but, their fight to get her home before the sun comes up.

It was recently said by 2—count them—two—friends that yes I may have lost my sense of humor as I’ve grown old but “Midnight Sun” proves that my tear ducts are still over flowering!

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