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Bravo Restaurant collage

It has been awhile since I have been to Bravo, actually 6 years, and at that time I wrote “It being Allen’s birthday we had 3 desserts–like we needed an excuse–having the coconut cake ($8.50), brownie bash (($9.95) and lemoncello ($8.50) with all 3 not that good and overpriced”, which still holds true with the lemoncellonow $8.75.

Actually one of the disappointments this time was the service. Dirty, empty dishes, which were put near the end of the table, were ignored though the server passed the table a few times, refills of drinks were never offered, the busboy served the main courses getting them wrong (though we were also wrong in that case as we took each other’s plates by mistake.) We asked for a couple of more garlic rolls

Allen had the Amiriglia on linguini ($13.95) a salad and a soda ($3) while I had the shrimp with rigatoni ($13.95) served with an almost excellent mussels and clams soup and regular coffee ($2.95.) Both main courses were okay but nothing to rave about.

Allen, forgetting he had it 6 years ago once again ordered the lemoncello tart ($8.75) while I ordered a dish of half pistachio and half vanilla ice cream ($6.25)

The reason we came to Bravo was I found a ‘pay $20 for $40 worth of food’ at With tip ($10) and tax ($2.94) minus the $40 our check came to $11.79

With Bistro Mezzaluna just a few blocks away I would have preferred going there and will in the future as the service and food are better and lunch prices about the same.

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