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“You Were Never Really Here”–a movie review (?)   Leave a comment

Everybody must go to see this movie and then tell me what it is about! As soon as I got home I went to rottentomatoes and metacritic to read some reviews and only if I give spoilers to explain what some of them saw and I didn’t could I explain my puzzlement.

I went to see this movie only because Joaquin Phoenix is in it and I believe he is a very underappreciated actor by the general public but, justifiably, is appreciated by the critics. Though I never understood why he is the mess he is–that is NOT a spoiler–in his performance, you can see he is a tortured man and I could give you a dozen guesses as to why he is but there is no way that I could validate even one after seeing the movie. You can see and understand the few, very, few tender emotions he shows in one scene with his mother and another with a young girl.

There is a lot of violence, destruction, terror and blood in this film both on and off the screen from guns to hammers to knives to physical hand to hand brutality.

I don’t know nor understand the director and writer Lynne Ramsay’s reason for this movie and/or what it is about but I was impressed by the movie’s score by Johnny Greenwood which at times, when needed, loud, booming and provides rhythm to what is happening.

Please, if YOU see it email me and tell me what it is all about or maybe I was never really there or Phoenix was never really here!


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I’ll be seeing “Chicago” and Camil on May 8   Leave a comment

The National Touring company of Chicago will welcome Latin sensation & “Jane the Virgin” star Jaime Camil making his tour debut in the role of Billy Flynn beginning Tuesday, May 8, 2018. He will play a 1-week limited engagement at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County until Sunday, May 13th.

Tickets to CHICAGO are available through the Arsht Center Box Office in person at 1300 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL 33132, by calling 305.949.6722, or online at

Look for my review May 8th or 9th

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“Isle of Dogs”–movie review   Leave a comment

“Isle of Dogs” is a hard picture for me to write about because during a lot of it I thought it would easily rate as one of the most boring movies of the year BUT the stop-motion animation is so intriguing that the story itself is irrelevant to what is being shown on the screen. I didn’t even try who was voicing what character because I was too busy looking at them.

The story is really simple as basically all dogs are banished to a garbage dump island and a boy goes looking for the one who was his special pet.

Upfront I am not a Wes Anderson fan and he wrote and directed this film but it is the animators who really deserve all the credit along with the production designers who make each dog expressive, interesting and fun to watch.

Not mentioning names but I do know someone who saw it and fell asleep a few times more than he normally does—and, no, it’s not Allen! Unless you love dogs and animation “Isles of  Dogs” is not a film for you.


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Heart Rock Sushi–restaurant review   Leave a comment

 Heart Rock Sushi

I am not a sushi lover which may be one of the reasons it has taken me 23 years to get here. I worked a few doors down at Big Louie’s and never heard anything about the place, not even that they served anything but sushi, which I just learned recently.

I did eat many times at the Thai restaurant that closed last year and am a regular at 4 out of the 5 restaurants in the Gateway Shopping Plaza, soon to have a sixth one where the Thai place was and when I saw, painted on their window, that Heart Rock Sushi (now?) served Thai food we decided to give it a try.

There are certain items I will eat the first time in a restaurant that I am not familiar with such as fajitas in a Mexican restaurant and in the case of Thai food I go for the Pad Thai which is what I ordered here.

The Pad Thai with shrimp ($8.95) was okay but not good enough to want to try other items.

From other reviews I have read it seems the Heart Rock Sushi is a good place to go for sushi but, and, yes, it is just the basis of one item, I wouldn’t go back there.

Again let me say I am not a sushi lover and, maybe, this might be an unfair review but am just sharing my experience.

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“A Bag of Marbles”–movie review   Leave a comment

Germany, France, Auschwitz, yellow stars, WW 2, Hitler, Mussolini, Nazis—sound familiar? Well, it isn’t quite what you expect though all the above are mentioned with Joseph and Maurice added.

Joseph and Maurice are the sons of Roman, the local barber. At 10 and 12, the boys have so little understanding of the persecution of Jews that Joseph thinks nothing of swapping his yellow star for a bag of marbles. Despite their naiveté, Roman knows that their best chance to escape the Nazi roundup is to flee on their own to where their older brothers Albert and Henri have found safe haven. Always one false move from tragedy, these tenacious urchins survive on courage, ingenuity and more than a bit of cunning as they make their precarious way through France hoping to reunite with their family. More than anything, it’s their brotherly bond that gets them through their ordeals. 

The boys are sly, cunning, smart and mischievous while the director Christian Duguay and cinema photography Christophe Graillot along with screenwriters Jonathan Allouche and Alexandra Geismar add some touches of whimsy like the boys running through a field of yellow flowers without a sign of war, of any invasion or bombers across the picture perfect sky.

The fact that they are Jews are never forgotten and the ways of hiding it such as explaining Joseph being circumcised is presented logically and it is quite possible a Jewish doctor and 2 priests knowingly helped them while a family who is collaborating with the Nazis helped them unknowingly.

The acting is above board and Jo, the youngest brother, played by Dorian Le Clech can’t be faulted while Batyste Fleurial Palmieri, as the 2 years older brother Maurice, makes the line, “I would carry you around the world” sound true and you believe him just as Jo does. Playing their father Patrick Bruel has a shocking, stunning scene at the beginning that had some in the audience gasping while their loving mother Elsa Zylberstein wants to hope every child has a parent like her.

Whether it is Christian Clavier as the Jewish doctor or Coline Leciere as Francoise, Jo’s first crush or the numerous other actors all are believably taking you back to a time, place and story that is never diminished in the telling.

“A Bag of Marbles” is the story of the holocaust as seen through a child’s eyes and though it has ‘downer’ moments—how could it not?– it brings lightness to that world that doesn’t make what happened easier to digest or to make any sense.

It is based on a true story written by Joseph Joffo, the youngest boy, 30 years later so it is a history of a 10-year-old buy as seen through, remembered by him as a 40-year-old. Accept it on his terms and you will see an excellent film.



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“A Quiet Place”–movie review   Leave a comment

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt (married in real life) have 3 children and live in a world of silence in “A Quiet Place”. Their daughter, Millicent Simmonds, (deaf in real life), sons Noah Jupe and Leon Russom are taught sign language and not to make any noise for which we learn the reason why very quickly but not what brought it about and how they have survived whatever happened to get them to this place.

The monsters can only survive by hearing as they can’t see and living beings, human and animal, can only survive if they are completely silent, as a floorboard squeaking, stepping on a nail and screaming, knocking a glass off a table or giving birth, among other things can bring instant death.

There are times in this 90-minute film that an audience member crunching popcorn can catch you off guard and a heavy chord on the soundtrack interrupts the suspense. Though there are many holes in the story, such as their being able to talk normally makes you ask why don’t they live under those conditions more often, but what they are doing, going through holds your interest as the ending will.

In a sense not showing the monsters would have been more effective but that was the director’s, John Krasinski, decision as were the many scenes that lead up to some of the horror ones.

The actors, working more in silence than in vocal conversations, each use their faces and bodies to tell us what could happen and what is happening. The most impressive is Millicent Simmonds who previously did an outstanding job in “Wonderstruck” and does an even better one in this film.

Though “A Quiet Place” doesn’t have a scene that makes you hold your breath or jump out of your seat it does hold your interest from the opening with a card that says “Day 89” and ends with a scene that might make you shake your head and might even give you a nightmare!

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