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“Blockers” just justifies my staying away from the genre of films that have men acting as boys, women being as vulgar as men can be, penis and vagina jokes and ‘let’s see how dirty we can be, earn an R rating and stay away from an X.

It also makes me realize that I made a very wise decision when I was young and realized that I would make a lousy parent and concluded that being a father would not be in my future.

Summing up the film it is about 3 parents trying to stop their 3 daughters not losing their virginity on prom night. (Do I have to add that it is okay if the boys do?) There are a lot of gross comments and actions, 99% not funny, a scene where one of the parents have a hose shoved up his butt and chug-a-lugs beer that way. Oh, yes, let’s have the scene where the kids throw up all over each other in their hired limo. Are you laughing yet? By all means the film doesn’t bypass crude and sexual content along with crude language, graphic nudity and, heck, let’s throw in some drugs.

The film even manages to destroy some sweet moments near the end when the parents gain a little wisdom.

“Blockers” is not a movie I recommend unless you have to see John Cena’s butt even though, in an interview, he claims it isn’t his!

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