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John Krasinski and Emily Blunt (married in real life) have 3 children and live in a world of silence in “A Quiet Place”. Their daughter, Millicent Simmonds, (deaf in real life), sons Noah Jupe and Leon Russom are taught sign language and not to make any noise for which we learn the reason why very quickly but not what brought it about and how they have survived whatever happened to get them to this place.

The monsters can only survive by hearing as they can’t see and living beings, human and animal, can only survive if they are completely silent, as a floorboard squeaking, stepping on a nail and screaming, knocking a glass off a table or giving birth, among other things can bring instant death.

There are times in this 90-minute film that an audience member crunching popcorn can catch you off guard and a heavy chord on the soundtrack interrupts the suspense. Though there are many holes in the story, such as their being able to talk normally makes you ask why don’t they live under those conditions more often, but what they are doing, going through holds your interest as the ending will.

In a sense not showing the monsters would have been more effective but that was the director’s, John Krasinski, decision as were the many scenes that lead up to some of the horror ones.

The actors, working more in silence than in vocal conversations, each use their faces and bodies to tell us what could happen and what is happening. The most impressive is Millicent Simmonds who previously did an outstanding job in “Wonderstruck” and does an even better one in this film.

Though “A Quiet Place” doesn’t have a scene that makes you hold your breath or jump out of your seat it does hold your interest from the opening with a card that says “Day 89” and ends with a scene that might make you shake your head and might even give you a nightmare!

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