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 Heart Rock Sushi

I am not a sushi lover which may be one of the reasons it has taken me 23 years to get here. I worked a few doors down at Big Louie’s and never heard anything about the place, not even that they served anything but sushi, which I just learned recently.

I did eat many times at the Thai restaurant that closed last year and am a regular at 4 out of the 5 restaurants in the Gateway Shopping Plaza, soon to have a sixth one where the Thai place was and when I saw, painted on their window, that Heart Rock Sushi (now?) served Thai food we decided to give it a try.

There are certain items I will eat the first time in a restaurant that I am not familiar with such as fajitas in a Mexican restaurant and in the case of Thai food I go for the Pad Thai which is what I ordered here.

The Pad Thai with shrimp ($8.95) was okay but not good enough to want to try other items.

From other reviews I have read it seems the Heart Rock Sushi is a good place to go for sushi but, and, yes, it is just the basis of one item, I wouldn’t go back there.

Again let me say I am not a sushi lover and, maybe, this might be an unfair review but am just sharing my experience.

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