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“Isle of Dogs” is a hard picture for me to write about because during a lot of it I thought it would easily rate as one of the most boring movies of the year BUT the stop-motion animation is so intriguing that the story itself is irrelevant to what is being shown on the screen. I didn’t even try who was voicing what character because I was too busy looking at them.

The story is really simple as basically all dogs are banished to a garbage dump island and a boy goes looking for the one who was his special pet.

Upfront I am not a Wes Anderson fan and he wrote and directed this film but it is the animators who really deserve all the credit along with the production designers who make each dog expressive, interesting and fun to watch.

Not mentioning names but I do know someone who saw it and fell asleep a few times more than he normally does—and, no, it’s not Allen! Unless you love dogs and animation “Isles of  Dogs” is not a film for you.


Movie trailer


Posted April 24, 2018 by greatmartin in ENTERTAINMENT, FILM REVIEWS, Uncategorized

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