“You Were Never Really Here”–a movie review (?)   Leave a comment

Everybody must go to see this movie and then tell me what it is about! As soon as I got home I went to rottentomatoes and metacritic to read some reviews and only if I give spoilers to explain what some of them saw and I didn’t could I explain my puzzlement.

I went to see this movie only because Joaquin Phoenix is in it and I believe he is a very underappreciated actor by the general public but, justifiably, is appreciated by the critics. Though I never understood why he is the mess he is–that is NOT a spoiler–in his performance, you can see he is a tortured man and I could give you a dozen guesses as to why he is but there is no way that I could validate even one after seeing the movie. You can see and understand the few, very, few tender emotions he shows in one scene with his mother and another with a young girl.

There is a lot of violence, destruction, terror and blood in this film both on and off the screen from guns to hammers to knives to physical hand to hand brutality.

I don’t know nor understand the director and writer Lynne Ramsay’s reason for this movie and/or what it is about but I was impressed by the movie’s score by Johnny Greenwood which at times, when needed, loud, booming and provides rhythm to what is happening.

Please, if YOU see it email me and tell me what it is all about or maybe I was never really there or Phoenix was never really here!


Movie Trailer


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