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During and after watching the movie “Beast” I had many thoughts and questions going through my mind such as am I getting weirder as I get old or are movies getting weirder? Why do first time directors, like Michael Pearce who also wrote the screenplay, feel that they have to show every ‘art’ shot whether it adds to the movie or not? Did he deliberately want those few bars of music so loud every now and then? Was I missing something with that music?

I feel anything I say will be a spoiler which I don’t like to give but I can say the main relationship in “Beast” is between Moll (Jessie Buckley) who was punished (I still don’t know how!) for stabbing a fellow student when she was younger with scissors and Pascal (Johnny Flynn) who may or may not be a serial killer of young women.

I was mesmerized by Jessie Buckley and Johnny Flynn’s acting and the chemistry between them. The closest I can equate them with is the pairing of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall in “To Have and Have Not” for the first time. The romance between Moll and Pascal is a mix of tenderness, tension, exposed nerves, suspicions and certainly dangerous. There is no way they won’t hold your attention when they are together or even in the scenes where they are apart doing things alone or with other people.

I will say that her mother, played by Geraldine James, is the mother of all mothers and there is a policewoman, whose name I didn’t catch in the credits, who will have the hairs on your arms standing up.

There are scenes of animal cruelty, mainly towards rabbits, that turned me off but the scenes of the island of Jersey off the south coast of England will make you want to catch the next plane there.

If nothing else the performances of Jessie Buckley and Johnny Flynn should make “Beast” a big hit but I fear it will disappear far too quickly in the USA but you should make a point of seeing it before then.


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I couldn’t tell you a DC comic book based movie from a Marvel comic book based movie and not being particularly interested in either I went to see the original “Antman” and Deadpool” because of the actors involved. To my surprise, I enjoyed both and was looking forward to their sequels even though, in most cases, the sequels are very disappointing. “Deadpool2” is a very big disappointment in that it throws everything it can on the screen and very little of the sarcasm or irony, let alone course ‘humor’ comes across. There are 1 or 2 smiles along the way but that is about it.

There is some attempt to make a story about creating your own family which is completely undermined time after time. The film is filled with raunchy words, gestures, crude, rude comments and actions plus a continuous dismemberment of every limb a person has. There are a couple of lines and sights of what one would call banter such as comparing “Yentl”s “Papa, Can You Hear Me” to “Frozen”s “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” but even that would probably go over most of the audience’s head. 

Three screenwriters, including the star along with Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, put everything into a movie about a super comic hero that you have seen before and will see again but whereas in the first “Deadpool” it made fun of it all here they try to make fun but fail.

Ryan Reynolds gives it his all which is plenty and his breezy manner help but to no avail. Josh Brolin, as dour as can be doesn’t get to laugh whether Reynolds places his bare hands on Brolin’s bare butt cheeks or when he lands face down on Reynolds crotch and I wonder if either get hazard pay for these extra stunts?

Morena Baccarin, as Reynolds’s love, is beautiful and that is all her role really cares for except to be beautiful even when dead, talking and walking. Stefan Kapicic is an impressive Colossus (at least voice-wise as the ‘person’ seems to be a special effect), cabbie Rob Delaney, offering some humor, along with a teenage mutant Julian Dennison who is just in an annoying role and a new band of superheroes consisting of Terry Crews, Lewis Tan, Bill Skarsgard along with Rob Delany whose superpower is being an ordinary person. Leslie Uggams returns as a blind neighbor of Deadpool and also new superhero Zazie Beetz who lights the screen up every time she is on it.

“Deadpool 2” is really a waste of money and time so I will give this genre one more chance when the sequel to “Antman” comes out.

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