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Charlize Theron first came to my notice playing in “The Cider House Rules” in 1999 and by 2003 I stated that if she didn’t win the Oscar for “Monster” I would never go to the movies again! Thankfully she won and I have been following her career ever since working in all kinds of films playing very varied roles.

After seeing her in the Christine Dior cologne adds I felt she was the most beautiful woman in the world and her role, physically, as Marlo in “Tully” could be no more different.

“Tully” is a film that might be very difficult for a man to understand unless he goes with a woman to give him basic notes. The film shows the realities of parenthood through the eyes and thoughts of a mother with three kids. Marlo loves her kids and her husband (Ron Livingston) but this is not about her relationships with them or her wealthy brother (Mark Duplass) or his so perfect wife (Elaine Tan). Marlo’s son (Asher Miles Fallica) is thought as being weird, has behavior issues but hasn’t been fully diagnosed. There is no doubt post-mortem depression has taken over Marlo and Theron doesn’t hesitate to show how it can wear down a mother mentally and physically. Her scene with a school principal where she lets loose lashing out at her because her kid might not fit in shows the pure heartbreak and pain this woman is suffering.

Then something happens to turn everything around. Her brother offers to pay for a month for a night nurse/nanny played by Mackenzie Davis. Her Tully will work from 10:30 PM to 6:30 AM to help Marlo get some sleep, rest, maybe have sex with her husband, all in all make life, easier, manageable and a chance to bond with someone which she desperately needs. 

I very seldom ever give ‘spoilers’ and this may be one but I would have to see the picture again to see if my theory works. Like the kid who saw dead people or believes Mary Poppins can just fly in under her umbrella and slove everything I really wonder (spoiler!!) if Tully is real?

Director Jason Reitman with a screenplay by Diablo Cody and a first-rate performance by Charlotte Theron is certainly worth seeing if for no other reason than to let me know if you agree with my theory or not!

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