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I first heard about on another site.  Looking into it and seeing they were having a ‘special’ of $89.95 a year letting me see a movie every day for free 365 days a year, I joined.

I received my movie pass on November 17 and the only negative I have seen using it is that I must take my cell phone with me to the theatre! They have started allowing e-tickets to be bought on the Internet but I don’t quite understand how that works with their cell phone and having to buy and use tickets within 30 minutes of start time but that won’t bother me because I don’t go the e-tickets route.

Since November 17, 2017, I have seen 38 movies and not paying a dime. Of that 38 I figure with the first 10 I got my $89.95 ‘back’. I normally see a movie every Friday which would account for 24 of the movies while occasionally going on a Tuesday which accounts for the additional 14 of which I may not have gone to see 6 or 7 of those if not for the moviepass so theatres and I have a good deal going.

I still haven’t figured how moviepass is going to make money on this– though it seems they have lost $150 million so far–but since they also own Netflix I am sure they aren’t worried. I have heard something about their selling customer lists but they deny doing that.

All in all, I haven’t a complaint about moviepass and will be using it a lot and wondering how much it will cost for me to renew it in November 2018! I understand they now charge $9.95 a month and you can see a movie everyday. 


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