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“Sicario: Day of the Soldado”–movie review   Leave a comment

 I am a big fan of Benicio Del Toro and a huge one of underrated actor Josh Brolin because even though he usually gets rave reviews for his performances he very seldom gets the big awards! The 3rd reason I went to see this movie that there were very few new films opening today.

The main reasons I didn’t want to see “Sicario: Day of Soldado” is that I am not into gratuitous violence as there always seem to be in this type of movie let alone the screenplay not being that logical or understanding and this film proved those points!

The most I can say about the film is that Brolin and Del Toro were excellent and I was introduced to two new actors that impressed me, they being Isabela Moner and Elijah Rodriguez. The villains are villainous while some familiar pros like Catherine Keener and Matthew Modine deliver the goods.

I neither do or don’t recommend “Sicario: Day of the Soldado” as you know whether you will like this film before you walk in and I will say the 2 hours and 3 minutes moves pretty face.

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Rules, rules and more rules!! ARGH!!   Leave a comment

New houseplant shelf

If I bang a nail in the wall the whole place falls down so I depend on others and John is one of them! He is amazing but don’t tell I said so–I will deny it!! Old rule or new rule I am not sure but they are now enforcing NOTHING on the window sill and regarding curtains, all facing out must be white–uniformity you know!! I have 14 plants on my window sill(s) plus 12 facing east while not on the sill certainly visible. I am waiting for the blinds before I move the rest of the plants. In any case, I mentioned it to John Saturday and today he brought this to my place making it Tuesday!! Measurements are perfect in height and length. I’ve shown you pictures of his art pieces and the work he does for the 1st Baptist Christmas Pageant–in his spare time he is ‘making’/’doing’ things for his neighbor including, I remember, his making a bed frame for a resident! ************************************************************************************* I read or heard this recently and can’t remember where but I love it: “In youth we learn, in old age we understand.” (I can’t wait to be old!)

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Queen Crepe Myrtles June 2018


Queen Crepe Myrtles     1A

Queen Crepe Myrtles     1B

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“Gotti”–movie review   Leave a comment

There are three reasons to see “Gotti” with the first being if you are a fan of John Travolta (I am), the second, if you are a fan of John Travolta and the third, is to see a performance rise above the script though as good as it is doesn’t quite save the film.

Upfront let’s just say that the film is not as bad as the critics who have been slamming it say it is or the 0% rating RottenTomatoes or MetaCritics give. “Gotti” reminded me of the many “B” movies that used to be shown on the lower half of double feature bill in movie houses years ago when you saw 2 movies for the price of one. They usually starred James Cagney, Edward G. Robinson, Humphrey Bogart blasting away with machine guns.

The main problems with the film are first of all the screenplay which is all over the place as is the soundtrack and the fact that it is based on John Gotti, Junior’s autobiography so one thread shows the love between father and son, the father grooming the son to become the ‘Boss’ while another shows how he became called the Teflon Don and at the same time showing different aspects of the life of a godfather in the mob, condensing all 3 “The Godfather” movies into 110 minutes of one film.

John Travolta shows what the film could have been if it had a good director, a better screenplay and an editor who cared about the final result. He is a good actor and even in some overly made makeup looks his ability comes through but not enough to save the movie!

In a way, it is worth seeing just to watch the cliché scene where one mobster shoots another 5 times and the latter gets up and runs away! Welcome to “B” movies.


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“Sometimes food isn’t food!   Leave a comment

New foods 2 June 7 2018 (2)


I will eat, taste, try any food at least once and I was intrigued by Healthy Choice’s advertising for this new line of items. Eating the plant based fiber bowl after eating the contents I thought was something unique. (See the lower right hand corner.) Well, folks, it still is as you don’t eat the bowl. At least you wouldn’t want to even if it was edible because do you really like cardboard because that is what it tastes like! Hey read the first 6 words of this paragraph! LOL

In any case what was in the bowl wasn’t any better as it was very dry and tasteless, including the sausage, and it may have been ‘Cuban-inspired’ but I don’t think any Cuban would say they made this without adding a sauce!

Guess this is one selection of foods I won’t be buying again.

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“The Misandrists”–movie review   2 comments

Watching “The Misandrists” it didn’t take 91 minutes to let me know this has to be the worst movie of the years or the decade but after all the time watching it now holds the title of one of the worst movies if not the worst! It is not so bad that it is funny nor will it become a ‘cult’ film even though it is about a cult!

It has some of the most atrocious acting ever seen in a movie and let’s not get into the lessons it tries to teach the audience, on a blackboard yet, or the awful male on male sex scenes they show in porn films. Did I mention the tired lines the women have to speak in various accents in various, awful costumes? Oh, by the way, let’s not skip the showing of the mutilation, the cutting off of a man’s penis! Aside from the last scene, there are only 2 men in the movie as it is basically about Lesbians banding together to get rid of men and that mutilation is one way of doing it.

The film has lesbians, transgender, gender fluid, pansexuals all being angry, confrontational and secrets. There is a side story about making a lesbian porno film to spread their message more as an excuse to show women having sex than to give examples of why women are so much better off without men.


This is a quote from the press release: “When an injured male leftist on the run discovers the remote stronghold of the Female Liberation Army — a radical feminist terrorist group whose mission is to usher in a female world order — one of the members takes pity on him and hides him in the basement. However, the man in the basement is just one of many secrets threatening to disrupt the FLA’s mission from within.” If only it was this interesting!!

“The Misandrists” is a film to see only if you are a masochist who likes really bad movies or doesn’t want to miss one of the worst films of the past 100 years!

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“Summer 1993”–movie review   1 comment

One of the major advantages of having a theatre like The Classic Gateway Theatre is that you get to see most of the independent films and will come across a stunner now and then but that is not the case with “Summer 1993”. Based on the true story of the director and screenwriter of the movie Carla Simon we follow 6-year-old Frida (Laia Artigas), upon the death of her mother and father, sent to live with her mother’s brother Esteve (David Verdaguer), his wife Marga (Bruni Cusi) and their 3-year-old child Anna (Paula Robles).

We watch Frida as she adjusts, or doesn’t, to her new life and how her new family adjusts or doesn’t, to this addition into their home. Unable to understand or vocalize her pain Frida lashes out in awkward, sometimes dangerous and, other times, bewildering ways.

I missed an important factor in the movie which is primarily explained in the title and the last 2-3 minutes of the film which became obvious about a few incidents that take place in the movie. I don’t usually give spoilers in film reviews and I won’t here but I am more surprised that I didn’t catch on to this.

In spite of that disclosure, I didn’t find “Summer 1993” interesting enough to recommend it though Laia Artigas as Frida gives a natural performance and you can feel what she doesn’t seem to be able to express.

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