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I’m not into taking magazine ‘tests’ but I was reading this article about one of the most highly rated courses in the USA universities and decided to go to the website and did some additional reading and thought it would be interesting to take 2 of the tests offered. Both are fairly quick to take and you get the results immediately with definite scores.

Of course, the main thing is to be honest with your answers and there is no reason not to as no one will see them but then again if you don’t/won’t face the truth about yourself you’ll lie to get a higher score so why bother taking it?

I must admit–no pun intended–I was very happy with my scores to the 2 tests I took. One was the Authentic Happiness exam and the second was General Happiness scale. The first one took about 5-7 minutes and the second less than 5 minutes. Again, if you are honest and respond with the immediate answer that comes to mind you will get an honest score.

Go for it!

Posted June 9, 2018 by greatmartin in LIFE, Uncategorized

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